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Transfer email from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail

The sad truth is that all new version of Yahoo mail are disappointing. This individual may be a little bit when Yahoo made ​​us have a hard time using this service with frequent server errors. Many higher assessment Gmail Yahoo Mail by speed and its ability to block spam. Yahoo has too much spam, IM spam included.

Besides, POP access and disposable address to request a new premium account is used. We are concerned that someday in the future Yahoo will not allow users to access your account even if you have entered the correct ID and password. Once hacked Yahoo mail, you may very worried. You want to delete your account, but realized that a lot of important emails contained therein? So what to do now? Before talking to, let's find out why Yahoo Mail Gmail victory.



Why switch from Yahoo! Mail to GMail ?

- Access email faster speed as well as send and receive email faster . Functions powerful email search similar to Google. Having the ability to filter out email with attachments . Exe .

- Ability to block less spam and more spam . Yahoo has too much spam , IM spam included . Yahoo! also disappointed about the ability to distinguish legitimate email and spam email .

- Automatic forwarding to Gmail

- Support for email applications to access Gmail : POP3 , IMAP , SSL / TLS are supported , restrict SMTP . Yahoo only supports POP3 for certain areas .

- Gmail supports 52 different languages ​​while Yahoo only supports 27 languages ​​.

- Gmail text ads displayed only in the mailbox , not in the message . Yahoo advertising and email interface .

- Custom domain name is supported in Gmail using Google Apps

- Customize the From address can be set up in Gmail

- Edit also address in Gmail

- IE , Firefox , Chrome , Opera only compatible with the new version of Yahoo Mail .

- Deadline to apply for the account of account inactivity 9 months according to decision of Gmail over the 4 month period of Yahoo Mail .

- The other special feature in Gmail : The messages are grouped into conversation , Basic HTML view provides faster access to the slow connection , - Label used folders in Gmail instead of Yahoo .

So , we will share you how to import all the contacts and email from Yahoo to Gmail . There are many articles on the Internet about how to make this work , but most do not bring the desired results . So we made ​​a number of combinations and we sought to work most effectively .


First, users need to access multiple POP3 and email forwarding with Yahoo . This feature is limited to Yahoo Plus users , but only some small adjustments for your help . Besides , you also need to download and install the application YPOP .

Guide to switch from Gmail Yahoo! mail ?

1 . Log in to Yahoo account .

2 . If you are using Yahoo Mail Classic to go All new Yahoo mail . Click on Options on the right side of the mailbox and select All new Yahoo mail .

3 . If the Options area ( at the top ) → Options → Mail Forwarding , you will see that this feature only appears in Yahoo Mail Plus and you will have to upgrade to the $ 20 fee .

4 . Next, visit the Yahoo inbox and select the name that appears in the top left . That's your name is written in the form Hi , " your name " . Access to Account Info dialog box appears after the name as a drop down side . You may have to login again to confirm .

5 . In the Account Info page , scroll down and click on " Set language , site , and time zone " at the bottom Regional Account settings and set the language and Yahoo! Site United Kingdom and in GMT UK time zone . Next, save the settings .

6 . Exit the account , close all open browser windows , and then log in again. Click the pop -up window " I accept the Terms and Service" if it displays . If not , you do not pay attention to it .

7 . Next, return to the main inbox page and select Options at the top , go to Options and select Mail Forwarding from the left sidebar . Surely you will not be surprised by that line upgrade to get more features .

8 . Click to Access Yahoo! Mail via POP and select any option to download spam or not . That 's all you have to do with Yahoo .

9 . Next, log into your Gmail account . If you are using the Basic HTML version of Gmail , click the " Switch to Standard View" at the top .

10 . Access to Options , the gear icon in the top right and select Mail settings . On the Settings page , click on the Accounts and Import tab . Next, click on the Import or Import mail and contacts from another address if you have previously determined to enter the account .

11 . In the following wizard appears , enter the user name , click continue and enter the password and click Next . Select the Import option and click Start Import . It will take a few hours or sometimes up to 2 days to complete this entry . Click OK .

12 . Now that you have completed the job in just a few minutes or a few hours , please check your mailbox or spam in Gmail to view email and contacts from Yahoo to enter . If you want to stop the import of the new message , click Stop in the import mail and contacts at Gmail page .

Hint: In step 5 , you can select the time zone and the other sites if it is more appropriate


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