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The selection criteria for the new school year laptop

Coming school year, and for the first year students, this is your time to buy a laptop. Following these helpful tips from PCWorld:

Coming school year , and for the first year students , this is your time to buy a laptop . Following these helpful tips from PCWorld :

Whether you have cleverly arranged time anywhere , will have to be at your computer to run all day and night without charge . The models use Intel Haswell generation 4 is fairly expensive , but will save lots of energy . If you need the cheaper option , you should use the chip line using the " part number " 4000 , for example, Core i3 - 4010U .
If possible, you should choose Surface Pro because it is lightweight but still have full functionality of a laptop

A strong but heavy laptop configuration will not fit for you . You should choose the model looks pretty neat , and you can easily move around together . The tablet type keypad and touch screen to easily " transform " when necessary .

You will use the keyboard very much ! Therefore, you should choose a keyboard to the computer , clarity , strength , especially during the school year to

You will get more done at the same time to the big screen . You can just write an essay just chat Yahoo! and Facebook comments . An approximately 14 -inch screen will help you see everything works .

Make plans to buy the screen shield , replace the mouse when the mouse is down on Google and find solutions to protect the keyboard. You have to protect your machine from malfunctioning . The computer down the middle of the school year will be very difficult to resolve .

Immediately after purchase , you should install anti-virus software . For pocket money students do not have much , you should use Microsoft Security Essentials or ClamWin Free Antivirus for them for free .

As for anti-theft , you should use Prey . With a free account you can keep track of 3 devices , more than enough for you .

The quad-core processor , though strong , but at the same time will consume more battery and expensive . For students , they just need to do simple tasks like surfing the web or essay .

If you do not want to play games in your spare time , you will not need a laptop with strong graphics . This functionality will be very expensive battery , and its processor will increase the weight machines .

You only need to store fewer documents from your computer . The more space , the more you have to spend more money and drive more machines will also feature . You only need 128 GB for the school year . If you need more, make more flexible use of the USB .
You like to use SSD , but it is not suitable for your laptop .

Windows 8 is designed for touch screen , but the touch screen is not necessary and not worth to spend more money . You can also use Windows 8 without it, just the keyboard and mouse . Let's focus more on the internal configuration of the machine .

Vietnam is only 3G package . According to experts , the connection should only deploy 4G in 2015 , 2016 . So if you do not use a laptop low profile over 4 years of college , you do not need 4G connection machine

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