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10 firms are storming laptop

When thinking about buying a laptop the first thing users will be wondering what brand to choose. Here are 10 best laptop brands in 2013 which users can choose.


This is one of the brand in line with " pocket money " of most users . Since the 90s , the Taiwanese company has focused on making computers with the most affordable prices . In addition, the brand also gives consumers more choices plentiful . Acer created the netbook ( small laptop ) cheap as well as the powerful device configuration .

Asus is more fully named Asustek is headquartered in Taiwan and no stranger in the field of personal computers . Asus offers many types of personal computers are different and also very affordable price . Whether you are looking for any type of PC or laptop for work purposes or gaming , you definitely will find the Asus computer models suited to their needs .

Gateway is one of the newest companies in the power of technology. However, with the best features and quality products , Gateway has infiltrated fierce market competition with giants such as Dell , HP , Sony ... Gateway brand has become popular with laptop buyers . Gateway offers great hardware and support their technology is very good , you can trust this brand about your money values ​​.

My company is a long brand in the top 10 and still the largest brand of the laptop market . Therefore, if you are not knowledgeable about the laptop , you can choose this product because Dell provides customer support services globally and handle any problems that users encounter . Dell has acquired giant game - Alienware in 2006 and is currently the leading models of Dell gaming . Dell products are provided with powerful configuration affordable .

This is a giant name in the notebook market . HP is a company based in the U.S. and manufactured PC / laptop meets all the needs of the user . Products of the company are quite abundant.

Samsung is the Korean giant specializes in producing TV , stereo , home appliances ... but this is one of the major manufacturers involved in the production run laptop . The company has been manufacturing the best quality laptop screen with crystal sharp . That may be due to the experience in TV production and strong configuration to produce the chip . If you love watching movies , and other multimedia content on the laptop , the Samsung is a remarkable brand .

Japanese companies have entered the market recently , but laptops have grown very rapidly . But a lot of experience in the electronics market family , but not the company name in the field of laptop perennial than others . However, this is the best laptop brand in the field of multimedia content . The company also launched the Satellite laptop with a powerful configuration and are appreciated in the market . The company does have the slightly higher price but worth the money for the selected user .

A Chinese company is known not only in phones , but also tablets Thinkpad laptops recently . The company's laptops usually have the best build quality , powerful configuration and many innovative features . Products can compare par compared to other expensive laptops on the market . Recently, the company announced hybrid tablet laptop . This new product line can easily carry the move , transform and can be used as regular laptop and also can be turned into tablets with touchscreens . But that is Chinese brand but Lenovo has its headquarters in the U.S. . Since 20 years, Lenovo has always served to the user device technologies .

Japanese giant is well-known brand in many fields , including laptops . The company has produced Vaio line of laptops , the laptop has a very nice design and attractive features . This product line has created buzz in the market . Laptop of this company is one of the best laptops on the market .

This is the most coveted brand among technology products . Apple 's laptop line known machine called the " Mac " . Although this product line can be very expensive , but many users are crave choice . PCs operate on completely different operating system , Apple 's own design and slender , more advanced and unique features . In fact , Apple 's laptop is considered luxury items .

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