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The wrong habits when using your laptop will harm

Laptop has the advantage of portability, but also easily damaged than desktop if you're not careful.

Since its inception , the laptop has to meet the demand of many computers . Due to mobility , they allow you to easily carry everywhere , not limited and constrained as desktop . However, in return for flexibility , mobility , the laptop is easily compromised than desktop if you are not careful during use . Here are the easy mistake to harm the laptop that you should avoid .

To machine vibrations , shaking too much

Currently the majority of laptop hard drive is still the traditional type HDD . This type of magnetic disk drives using easy to damage if the bumps . So , unless your laptop uses solid-state hard drive , be careful and avoid creating collisions laptop . Without the risk of hard drive damage and thereby losing data stored on them is extremely high .

Do not focus on radiator

A further weakness of a machine such as a laptop portability is that they easily get hot during use . This is understandable when we have to " cram " a lot of components into a compact chassis . At the same time , after a period of use , it is inevitable that you are going to dust from outside air clinging to the inside components . The hidden layer of dust will heat the space , the more you make the more hot air . They also bind to the chip fan , GPU makes these components quickly " fiery " .

To help laptops run cooler , you need toilet cleaner in the slot , fan , fan out a new oil if the phenomenon emitted louder fan . If possible, you should add a shopping empire dedicated heatsink for laptops with prices ranging from 200 to 300 thousand dollars .

Smoke , drink next to laptop

When smoke next laptop , referring to tobacco smoke in the air and inside components , creating tar layer on the surface of components and this clearly harm electronic components inside.

For drinks , you should be careful to distance them from the laptop by following a likely time engrossed with work , you will accidentally brushed hands spilled glass of water on the keyboard. Not only do damage internal components and expensive to repair , you are free to do its work missed because of an unnecessary reason .

For laptop on his thighs , soft material

When placed on the laptop , you have inadvertently reduce the heat loss of the area makes the system more quickly overheat , causing moderate discomfort when using both shorten the life of the internal components . Leaving laptop on soft materials such as blankets and similar consequences , hot air heat so difficult . The solution is to buy a laptop as the table is , just help the machine run cooler , last added comfort during use machines .

Using poor quality charger

Surely you have not forgotten to read the serious accident recently occurred with the use of charging phones , like the youth killed in Da Nang , woman die in China . Although such accidents do not happen with a laptop charger but that does not mean that you have permission subjective .

The poor quality charger can result in electric shock , fire and explosion caused by the use of inexpensive materials does not guarantee quality . Therefore, you should not buy the cheap ham float charger on the market ( often made ​​in China) . So looking to buy in the genuine charger distributors in large stores or high prestige .

For laptop in the car

Whether in winter or summer , the laptop in the car to be a disastrous mistake . Not only your laptop at risk of becoming prey for thieves , but when it gets too hot or too cold , the machine's components such as monitors , batteries ... can be easily damaged .

According to the study , the temperature range ( of the external environment , the temperature is not a laptop ) that the components are secure laptop is from 10 degrees C to 35 degrees C. Meanwhile , the temperature inside the car is usually higher than this level .

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