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Decoding the misinterpretation of smartphone batteries, laptop and tablet

Batteries are an important part of the mobile device, but sadly the battery technology has not developed commensurate with the technology hardware and software. Because of this, they require special attention by the user. However, not many people have been affected by a lot of incorrect information about battery

Rinse lightly and avoid draining the battery clean

NiMH and NiCd batteries have weaknesses as " memory effect " , we should all be cleaned down to 0 % after a full charge to conserve space . The modern equipment and Lithium Ion batteries , which have different operating principles and Nickel battery without memory effect . In fact , the battery is completely discharged Li - ion is very harmful . You should just slightly to discharge the remaining approximately 40 % or more should not allow the battery to below 20 % except in rare cases .

If you discharge the battery to 50 % , and then charge the full factory exhaust by 50 % again . This will count as a " ring " to the modern Li-ion battery . You do not have to worry about this type of charger .


The only problem that this type of discharge can cause mild . System software on a laptop can be misleading and incorrect display of the remaining time that you can use . The manufacturers recommend laptop users should rinse the battery about once a month to help balance the ability to adjust the battery meter .

Too hot , too cold may damage the battery

Temperatures can reduce battery capacity . This affects all kinds of devices , including smartphones, if the temperature rise due to use . However, most disturbing is the laptop . Batteries are located near the capital components become very hot when operating , causing reduced battery life .

If you continuously use a laptop and plugged in , the machine may overheat . In this case , remove the battery for a while to limit the influence of heat to the battery . For normal usage levels , how can this not make much difference , but if you play multiple games "crisis " which requires them to operate with high frequency , it would be quite useful . Of course , only laptops with removable batteries can do this .

Weather in where you live is also a problem . If the weather is too hot , or you leave your laptop at home to high temperatures in the summer cars , the battery will end much faster . Let your device at room temperature and avoid excessive heat in the machine .

Cold weather can also reduce battery life . Do not put extra batteries in the refrigerator or in cold areas to plant if you live in a cold climate countries .

Do not get too long hollow pin

When the battery down to 0% , you should charge it as soon as possible . You do not need to find a power outlet that speed without something in a hurry , but do not throw batteries into the empty drawer and leave it there for weeks without charging . If you leave the battery empty in the closet for too long , the battery can not hold the little remaining energy and " die " completely. This is very dangerous , especially for devices with non-removable battery .

To preserve battery at 50 %

On the other hand , if you charge the battery fully to serve the purpose of storage , this also reduces the battery life . Ideally, if you intend to store the battery , let the battery pack at 50 % . Apple recommends that users should also charge the battery to 50 % if you do not intend to use a lot more within 6 months . If you frequently use the device, you do not need to worry about the battery , but do not let it drop to 0% without charging back for a long time .

The empty battery storage for too long will cause the battery died completely. Meanwhile, the storage battery when the battery is at full charge also reduces the battery's original capacity and thus reducing battery life .

You should note that the battery is installed in the computer and external storage battery - let the battery at 50 % if you do not intend to use it for a long time .

Plug the laptop charger is also continuous , but ...

This is a matter of much debate . Results of the study showed that you can fully charge your laptop constantly plugged , but pay attention to the temperature problem . Apple does not think so, recommends that users should not constantly plugged in to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro .

The reason that Apple is also given temperature , so last advice for you and your laptop is not plugged in constantly . As soon as the battery is charged to 100 % , it will only receive a fraction of the energy from the roots to maintain the battery charge rather than continue overcharging . However, just as you should not store the battery has been fully charged in the closet for a few months , you should not charge your laptop constantly plugged in for several months and the battery always at 100 % . Please occasional laptop battery discharge before charging plug for the electrons back to work and preserve battery life .

Organizations that Battery University : " The worst case is to fully charge the battery when the temperature increases . If your laptop produces so much heat , temporarily remove it . Conversely , if you're lucky owned laptops run cooler , you can leave it plugged in a few days without having to worry what , with conditions sometimes make a little battery drain . "

Sooner or later your battery will bottle

Like all other batteries , Li - ion batteries will bottle after a while and just keep using energy more sparingly. Apple says its laptop batteries can keep 80% of the original capacity after 1,000 charge cycles . Other manufacturers often put the figure is about 300-500 charge cycles .

Of course you can still use this landmark batteries too , but due to the amount of electricity to keep the battery running out, the maximum amount you use on a single charge will also be reduced . The more you use the long , reducing the capacity of the battery . Temperature and battery age is also a factor in battery power.

Despite whatever you do , your battery will still be worn after a long time use . However if you are interested in " taking care " , you can make the battery life longer than when using the " bluff " . The moment you have to replace the batteries for their equipment and leave , but does not mean forever .


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