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Choosing a laptop for the new school year - Do you know how?

New Year approaching, the selection of a suitable laptop helps students comfortable, confident in school.

The technology specialist has taken the necessary factors to take into account when considering buying a laptop for the school .

1 . Long battery life

Everything will be worth nothing when you are planning for your learning in class . However, there will be days you will be in school from morning to night and constantly use a laptop , this will affect the battery life of the device . The product model is equipped with quad-core processors from Intel can be a bit more expensive than other products , but it is quite energy efficient . You can buy a Core i3 processor - 4010U .

2 . Lightweight

When in school , next to the computer , you also have to take more portable notebooks . You imagine , while standing in a shoulder bag backpack filled with notebooks and one notebook that weighs heavy , as you will be very sore and bruised .

Therefore, experts suggest that technology , 1 laptop thin and light design socks will help you avoid fatigue . The tablet with full keyboard or a notebook is the right choice and the most popular . They are being considered for the current choice rather traditional laptop .

3 . Keyboard handy

Whether you 're tired hands to write a term paper , write the message , access social networks or simply surf the Web , 1 chiecban comfortable keys that will help you overcome fatigue and inspiring work .

Experts suggest that technology , the keyboard should be big enough so you do not hurt hands when manipulated , so you can see it in the dark or in the meeting rooms dorm room ...

4 . The large screen for multitasking activities

Nothing is more difficult to manipulate multi-tasking on a small screen . Research activities , wrote a long article while listening to music and chatting on Facebook could make you messing screen . A screen size of 14 inches or larger will give users a comfortable work environment and allows them to capture everything happening on the screen .

5 . Warranty Policy

Laptops are easily broken , especially if you have a substantial impact because they are used frequently , in all circumstances and not the students stored in special protective gear . So , when buying this product line , please read the terms of warranty cases prevent bad happened .

6 . Security Software

You can find a variety of free security software currently popular as Norton AntiVirus , McAfee Internet Security ... security software to protect your computer and the information stored on the device before the invasion caused by viruses , malware ... the technology experts recommend using anti- virus software to avoid any problems related to the virus causing toxic .

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