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Dell Inspiron 5537 Review - universal laptop battery than 6 hours

In the mid-range price of about 14 million, Inspiron 15z-5537 is the obvious choice with good performance, long battery life thanks to the new Haswell chips though not excellent screen.

15R Inspiron 5537 is Dell's first model to be upgraded to use Intel Haswell processors in Vietnam market . It has two versions with a touch screen and a no . Version tested with the screen so often in the mid-range price quite pleasant , around 14 million.

The Model 5537 - 2NP1W2 codenamed equipment configuration includes a 15.6 -inch screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels , Intel Core i5 - 4200U 1.6GHz , RAM 4 GB capacity , 750 GB hard drive , chip Intel HD graphics 4400 graphics new .
Outer shell of aluminum scratch modern .

Inspiron 15R 5537 of common lines require difficult in the thin air needed . The product has a thickness of 24.9 mm and weighing 2.3 kg , with an average of 15.6- inch laptops . In about 2 years ago , Dell computers have lost their manliness in the design lines as well as rounded edges beveled more . However, the degree of certainty when the hand held test and still use quite clearly visible . Inspiron 15R 5537 is a typical product of this trend .

If it is not the traditional lovers of Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 can be seen as a beautiful product design when viewed from the outside . Scratch-resistant aluminum shell light gray mouse fur combined with contour makes the machine look quite modern . Unlike other mid-range laptop , two side products in the metal plating also helps the machine feel more luxurious .
Pin knob near the hinge .

The layout of the ports on the machine manufacturer has no features except a bit difficult to understand the lack of VGA port , connection type is still quite common to use when using the projector. On the left side of the machine is the HDMI port , LAN and 3 USB ports ( 2 ports standard 3.0) and a headphone jack as well as slot heatsink near the power jack . On the right side of the machine is the read / write DVD and USB 2.0 standards generally .

Dell also maintain the same color aluminum scratches on the palm rest in place but the design is not really as impressive as the outside . In the machine near the hinge pin protrude slightly rough . Meanwhile , plastic keyboard with black background and the font on the keys feels a little cheap . The edges of the screen is a bit thick , especially in the lower part .
The left side of the machine with VGA port absence .
The right side is the optical drive read / write DVD .

The edges are beveled down the machine to produce thin . At the bevelled front edge of space , Dell SD card reader layout rather handy with stereo speaker system . Pin machine comes with a little wood to help plant the empty space on the table to allow better heat dissipation .

Due to the big screen Inspiron 5537 should have plenty of area to arrange full-size keyboard with separate numeric keypad sequence . But even thinner design , but Dell does not appear to be a bit " stingy " when the keys to the quite short so it does not knock hand feeling . The navigation keys are also slightly smaller size should press to be confused . In return , the keyboard has a good bounce , sensitive and accurate feedback . None of the high-end machine should not have the keyboard backlight .
Journey slightly shorter keys .
Large touchpad .
The full keyboard .

Inspiron 15R 5537 has the advantage that the touchpad is quite large , the surface roughness should not hiss when using . The two mouse buttons below the touch feeling is very good , light but responsive and precise .

Dell's new laptops stereo speakers at the bottom edge but the quality is only average . Volume was moderate , the ability to separate sounds bad , no treble clarity while the bass is weak due to the help of woofer . The speakers can help personal entertainment room about 20 square meters in the back.

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