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Enable hibernation on Windows 8 laptops

By default, Windows 8 does not have Hibernate option in Power menu. With a few simple steps below, you can restore and use the "hibernation" as familiar in previous Windows versions.

When switched to sleep mode "Sleep", the laptop still use a little power to provide for the RAM, the system state is kept in RAM and allows quick restart after a few seconds. Meanwhile, in hibernation mode "Hibernate", saved condition laptop hard drive and system to almost completely off. If you temporarily do not use laptop for a few hours, the Hibernate option will save a significant portion of the battery than the Sleep option.

To activate Hibernate mode in Windows 8 laptop, perform the following steps:

At the Windows 8 Start screen, type the word "Power" to bring up the Search box and then select Settings just below it.

Select "Change what the power buttons do" in the list on the left.

In the System Settings window that appears, click on the option "Change settings Furniture are currently unavailabe". Also, if you want the system automatically switches to Hibernate mode when pressing the power button or flip the laptop screen, you can also configure in this window under "Power buttons and lid settings and sleep."

Then scroll down to the bottom of the window "Shutdown settings" and tick Hibernate to enable this feature. Finally click "Save changes" to complete.

Now, every time the Power of the Settings menu on the bar Charms bar, you will see the option to Hibernate appear on the list in addition to the previously available option is Sleep, Shutdown and Restart.

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