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Death penalty defendants laptop robbery, stabbing victims between Saigon

Pursued vigorously after snatching the bag containing the laptop, the perpetrator stabbed the victim a knife and wounded many others. Given that the defendant incapable of education, improving the Panel should have pronounced the death sentence.

Cao Trung Lap defendant was sentenced to death on charges of " murder " ( images : Truong Son ) .

On 23.8 , Ho Chi Minh City People's Court opened hearings mobile , sentenced defendant Cao Trung Lap (born 1984 , lives Binh Tan District ) death penalty on charges of " murder " ; 5 years in prison on charges of " intentional injury ' ; 5 years in prison on charges of " robbery assets " , sum death penalty .

According to the indictment , on 17.09.2012 at 10.15 am , Lap wandering on the road driving towards the intersection of the Republic of Hoang Hoa Tham ( Binh Tan ) , aimed loopholes will wait for someone to hand snatching property .

Being on the road , the front Lap detect motorcycles mixed doubles ( he was carrying Hoang Ngoc Tri Nguyen Thi Kim Hue ) are running in the same direction to the bag, containing a laptop inside the car so pressing , snatching couch handbags and crazy gas escape .

Now run to the intersection of Hoang Hoa Tham - Republicans Prepare to meet the many people who are waiting for the red light stops should not be able to run fast . Robbed , I bless you catch Hue and tone of his car on Lap car , make objects fall down the road .

Fear of being caught , thrown Prepare the vehicle . Seeing this , he left the car and ran Tri chase of about 10 meters and then catch hold Repeat . Incidentally, the Lap draw knife available in the Tri stabbed his victim collapsed to the road , and ran into an alley next .

Being on patrol , Sy Hoang Vo of the police team investigating drug crimes - Police Tan Phu Binh was driving and he immediately pursued organization . Anh Hoang Lap approaching object was a blow to the ear pierced , down the road . For further applications , he crashed into Binh Lap control shall be continued stabbing a winning hand shy and ran off Hoang Hoa Tham street .

Seeing violent robbers , he Thuan was now on the road immediately to a nearby auto repair shop , took the motorcycle exhaust Making the tackle but was quick to get through , run to the next market . Do not give up , he used motorcycle chase Thuan , cough for public support .

Run to the intersection of Copper Mango - Hoang Hoa Tham Nam saw his parked car , Lap transported requested he refused . That alone, Lap stabbed a knife into the side of this shy and kept running into the street At the Mango .

Continuing to run , that a motorcycle is the key plug , ignition Lap climb the next run , the Pros were chasing him from behind into concrete work down . Along with the help of the masses around him Thuan robbers under control of police aggression Ward 12 , Tan Binh district recorded a flagrant offense .

Tri towards him , even when the emergency room right then , but he died of cardiac puncture wounds . British Royal but with severe injuries , but doctors save lives , so I Nam Binh and his wound was only software should have recovered after treatment.

In the current trial , bowed Lap confessed his offense . According to the Panel , Lap before his arrest had 2 criminal offense of " robbery assets " , was not released from prison after doing the limbs especially dangerous recidivists

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