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Toshiba P50 rating - high configuration laptop, speakers or

Satellite P50 for powerful performance, sharp screen, speaker system "in effect"

Toshiba 's new line towards users who require powerful configuration gamers or graphic designers . This is also the first product to be notified equipped Intel Core i processors 4th generation Haswell in Vietnam market . Intel Core i7 - 4700MQ on well into the strongest current for laptops .

Toshiba Satellite P50 version includes two sensors ( P50t ) and no -touch model is VnExpress assessment test . Toshiba's new laptops equipped with strong configuration with Intel Core i7 - 4700MQ speed 2.4 GHz , 8 GB RAM memory bus 1600 1 TB capacity hard drive , Nvidia GeForce GT745M graphics card capacity VRAM 4 GB , optical drive CD / DVD burner . It has 2 USB 3.0 ports , two USB 2.0 ports , HDMI , VGA and LAN . Screen size 15.6 inch Full HD resolution .

Reference Price for Satellite P50 is approximately 26 million.
Toshiba stylized in the reduction of the two rounded corners than the previous generation .

No need to look at the Toshiba logo on the front , many people can still guess this is the product of Japanese computer makers . Manufacturer safely when not selected in addition to the new design features and still keep " took the stage " as the older generation in 2012 . The emphasis is rather remarkable in all four corners rounded as the previous generation , which select only board where the hinge side of the front corner to a little bass . P50 frame is made of alloy , while certainly part of cap is made of chrome-plated aluminum luxury scratch .

In the face of the machine , Toshiba also uses CNC technology to cut the palm rest and the keyboard where the shell . When using , keep your hands feeling quite comfortable , not sticky sweat . The speaker is its traditional layout near the hinges with dual mesh overflow to the edge . The power button is also stylized with Toshiba LED around pretty good . Notably, all four screen edges are quite thin edge to the overall size more compact laptop computer with screen size .
Simple design features make the crust by high metal light gray .

P50 targets users require high performance should not have as ultrabook slim silhouette . Weight of the machine is 2.4 kg , only slightly less than the ordinary laptop has the same 15.6- inch size . While low flows have returned to the traditional design , the Toshiba continues to maintain the type of cavity radiators to the right side to the left side and DVD drives . No clear benefit of this type of change , but when using external mouse , slot radiator heat flow generated quite annoying tree on hand .

As laptop for entertainment and work demands high system requirements are fully P50 connector . From the new standard 3.0 USB 2.0 , VGA , LAN . HDMI own machine is also capable of video content at resolutions up to 4K . This feature is currently only able to use some of the hundreds of millions of TV over a billion from LG , Samsung or Sony .
Designing the right side with the slot radiator confusing .
DVD drive on the left side .

In 4 of P50 USB port , a port capable of charging mobile devices even when the computer is turned off quite handy ( Sleep & Charge feature ) . One port is used to help the speaker to play music from your MP3 player or phone is in off state machine ( Sleep & Music feature ) .
The full keyboard .

Do use large 15.6 inch screen should P50 full keyboard with separate numeric key sequence on the right . Designed familiar chiclet style , typed machine feels good to moderate journey as well as the good bounce . A big plus is the machine used in backlighting helps in low light conditions very well . However, the navigation keys little bit prone to mistakenly press .
Wide touchpad sensitivity , but not really .

Toshiba touchpad layout of the slightly skewed to the left with quite a large area to manipulate . On the surface , the company arranged a small light sensor to turn off or turn on the touchpad with two fingers click action was quite handy . The touchpad surface roughness hover feeling good but not really smooth as expected . However, in return touchpad supports multi- gesture available as used two fingers to navigate the site .

Meanwhile , two of the mouse buttons light but deep breath so much easier when hands are feeling more tired if pressing .

More performance evaluation , battery and screen

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