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Students should purchase a laptop at the moment?

Demand for higher student laptops at the moment but what is most appropriate?

August marked a new school year for the 2nd year students of the university . Add a few more weeks , the contestants passed the university entrance exam in the past and preparing for life in the classroom . Therefore, the demand for laptop work of students studying higher than ever . But if this is the right time to buy a laptop ? The answer is , if your needs do not need to buy right away , you should wait a little longer because of the benefits received is not small .

Wait for new chip

Currently, the laptops sold in Vietnam are mainly machines Ivy Bridge chips - the Core i Intel 's 3rd generation . However, an agent representing the product distribution laptop , coming in September , Core i5 laptop Haswell chips will be available in Vietnam market with a range of brands such as Toshiba , Asus , Dell .. .

Overall, Ivy Bridge is still for good performance , decent graphics and can undertake all normal operations . However, Intel's Haswell chip will also bring more benefits for which the most notable is the graphics and battery life .

- About Battery : The review showed that the Haswell chip machines for better battery life than the Ivy . MacBook Air 2013 is one example. Apple's latest laptop battery can use up to 11 hours surfing the web , while the previous generation batteries only for 7 hours . With the Windows laptop battery life may not be as MacBook Air but will also certainly higher than Ivy .

- Graphics: Besides battery life , integrated graphics on Haswell also promises better on the old chip . Especially in the high-end models use integrated graphics Iris / Iris Pro , graphics power will be on par with the mid-range graphics card . Specifically , the model Iris Pro graphics chip for 5200 will be approximately horizontal power with discrete Nvidia GT640 .

- Performance: Although no breakthroughs , but the performance on Haswell will be better than Ivy . Depending on the segment , higher performance will old chip from 10 to 20 % .


Another benefit that Haswell brings not only improved performance but in terms of price , it also brings many benefits for students who do not have surplus funds . After Haswell is launched , Ivy Bridge notebook chips and more Sandy Bridge , the manufacturer will be reducing the price to address inventory . For those students who do not have high demands on the battery , integrated graphics , Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge is still a very good choice . The laptop has enough chips to ensure this is handled most basic tasks such as opening multiple browser tabs to surf the web , check email , light gaming ...


As mentioned , if not so urgent , ordinary users and students wishing to purchase a laptop for school season should wait 1 short time to be able to select the best laptops in performance and price sale. For those who have special needs such as gaming laptops heavy , high graphics processor , the Haswell will not have to wait too much sense because the new chip without too much CPU capability improvements . At that time , the laptop will buy depends on many other factors .

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