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The good cheap used laptops for students

Configuring the good, the price is always soft factors are top priority when students choose a laptop.

Every year, the school year is always time " thriving " business world of laptop . By this time the audience is students, students wishing to purchase a laptop to serve the learning needs .
Also during this period many promotions , bonus products continuously stores , electronics firm launched to increase purchasing power for laptop users . These include such as discounts primetime , RAM or USB gifts , discounts when purchasing online ...

As representatives of Thegioididong , in this time students, students who are most laptop buyers in their stores . Segment selection is primarily located in the price range from 10 million or less . Despite the relatively cheap price , but these products are fully meets the academic requirements of the user .

Here are 5 laptops for under 10 million is the most popular in recent years :

Dell Vostro 2420

Price : 9.4 million

Configure stable , affordable price , Dell Vostro 2420 is worthy ideal choice for buyers with limited budgets , especially students . Not only better serve the needs of learning and entertainment right in this segment is also quite excellent equipment .

Dell Vostro 2420
Dell Vostro 2420 with pretty simple design but surely . The surface is covered with synthetic resin and beautifully angled to help bring comfort and style to hold strong for male users .

The laptop has a 14 inch screen with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels . As glossy screen so users can comfortably use indoors or outdoors for sharp images .

Dell Vostro 2420 's keyboard is fairly standard design , easy to handle and support arm fatigue when working for long periods . The touchpad also has great sensitivity , maximum precision support the user's manipulation .

The configuration of this machine is quite powerful with Intel processors , the Core i3 - 2348M 2.3 GHz speed , 2GB DDR3 RAM , 500GB hard drive , integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 . 48WHr capacity battery with a time of 3 hours using the full range of universal connectivity .

Asus X45C

Price : 8.6 million

Asus X45C pluses of this product is that not only fully meet the learning needs as well as entertainment but also the price is in line with the financial capacity of the student , the student .

Asus X45C
Apparently , Asus X45C has a classic design but still impressed with the user through the outer casing motifs . Weighing only 2.3kg , this product can freely move without creating discomfort for the birds .

This machine has 14 -inch screen , 1366 x 768 pixels . Supports many impressive features such as IceCool technology helps keep the air temperature is always lower than body temperature , Instant On mode helps to go into hibernation with just one key press or the Asus Super Hybrid Engine II technology helps the machine battery life in standby mode for up to 10 days .

Hardware configuration of Asus X45C include an Intel Core i3 - 2328M 2.2GHz speed , 2GB DDR3 RAM upgrade to 8GB supported , Graphic HD4000 graphics card with complete universal connectivity .

Lenovo S400

Price : 8.5 million

Many advantages such as eye-catching design , high performance , long battery life and attractive price , Lenovo S400 deserves top choice at a price less than 10 million.

Lenovo S400
The most impressive is the design of the Lenovo S400 machine weighing only 1.58 kg at the moment is only 24.3 mm thick , not inferior to high-end ultrabook models on the market . In addition to the crust made ​​of smooth plastic makes the machine looks quite classy and attractive .

Lenovo Laptop with 14 inch screen with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels . Reasonable screen brightness helps users without eyestrain if used for long periods , and also the color display is very sharp and detailed .

Lenovo S400 Accutype style keyboard featured on the same eye-catching advantages of reasonable size keys , help users easily manipulate . The touchpad is quite large and there are no mouse buttons , supports advanced technologies such as fingerprint recognition , ultra- responsive multi-touch .

The configuration of the machine includes an Intel Core i3 - 2365M 1.4 GHz speed , 4GB DDR3 RAM , 320GB hard drive , battery life is nearly continuous operation 4 hours with universal connectivity .

HP Compaq CQ45

Price : 7.3 million

User object is to students, students who have low income so HP Compaq CQ45 relative balance between the selling price and configuration .

HP Compaq CQ45
The design of the HP Compaq CQ45 quite simple with resin ball , but still feels like an elegant style often found in the HP product . In addition, 14-inch screen with BrightView technology using resolution 1366 x 768 pixel help bring display quality is quite good .

Touchpad is considered the strengths of HP Compaq CQ45 . The surface is more integrated with small polka dots , just feels comfortable to manipulate both integrated touchpad lock feature when needed . In addition, the machine 's touchpad also supports multitouch well as zoom , rotate ...

There are the cheap , so configuration of HP Compaq CQ45 only moderate . It has Intel Pentium B960 processor speed 2.2 Ghz , 2GB RAM 8GB can lift , 320GB hard drive and integrated Intel HD Graphics Graphics . However, the battery life is quite high , can work continuously for more than 3 consecutive hours .

Acer Aspire E1 531

Price : 6.7 million

Configuring good , reasonable price , Acer Aspire E1 531 is the standard choice for a good laptop for learning purposes and entertainment but not spend too much cost .

Acer Aspire E1 531
Stylish design of the Acer Aspire E1 531 is quite stylish with eye-catching glossy black shell and silver Acer logo prominent . This laptop really looks impressive product line of midrange .

Products of Acer 15.6 inch screen with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels , which gives a true and images sharp . Chiclet keyboard helps users more convenient operation thanks to distance between keys is widening . ACER ASPIRE E1 531 touchpad is quite smooth and responsive , which the user can manipulate very easily.

Acer E1 531 is pretty stable configuration with the Intel Pentium B960 processor speed of 2.2 GHz , 2GB DDR3 RAM , 500GB hard drive , integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics with Express Chipset Mobile Intel ® M70 . It also uses integrated Acer Crystal Eye HD webcam with high resolution , better meet the needs chatted with pictures or video conferencing .

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