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The fight terrorist takeover of gamers laptop TDK

Journey to the West Gamers will have the opportunity to become the owner of the DELL Vostro Laptop, Pet Cam and many other valuable gifts from the "Alternate Qian Kun" officially took place on 08/21/2013.

From 08/21/2013 to 08/28/2013 , Journey to the West launch event " Alternate cosmos " applies to players across the server cluster . Form to receive items is changed from point accumulation . Accordingly , every 10,000 Silver moved into the game, players will get a turn to participate dialing , corresponding to 1 point accumulation . If you are unhappy with the current point , players can try their luck by taking bets , to accumulate the initial point many times .

System items Cumulative change from rich and attractive . In addition to the group Golden Dharma polar value most in the game , players exchanged Pet Cam - Type 1 senior proconsul in Journey to the West and many other supporting items such as gold floral Equipment Finance , father , Qian Kun trigrams Thach level 10 , Phu Van ... This is a group of high-end items do not appear in the shop KNB . According to the latest statistics from Journey to the West , the number of gamers own golden Dharma and Pet Cam only count on the fingers .

End event , TOP 10 players have accumulated the highest score will receive additional prizes such as Pet Cam Package + skill books , Pet Gold Package + skill books , ... Especially , to become the owner of the DELL Vostro V5460 Laptop Core i5 - 3230M , gamers must race strategy point accumulation , the problem is even " conquer " the last minute to make the hand holding DELL Vostro elegance and class.

" Alternate Qian Kun " is the only event in the 08 months to the West to help players find a sense of excitement , math boxes before luck brought by rotation . This is a unique opportunity for top players owning noble items that previously , only steps " upstream " dare to dream .

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