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How to handle a laptop running slow and jerky

My current laptop is running slow phenomenon, jerky mouse, typing is very unpleasant shock. 1 or 2 occasionally, 3 minutes once were. This has never happened before, but recently, I have downloaded the game online extension *. Rar 524MB capacity of the machine. I have deleted the game from the machine and then but this situation continues, it is like that is because what causes? There are solutions do not, I look forward to the help. - Wesker kenedy

VNReview answer:

There are many causes of both hardware and software cause the computer to run slow, jerky mouse, typing slowly.

The reason may be due to software operating system error, virus infected computer, running multiple programs simultaneously occupied RAM, and lead to the conflict as well as the software device driver (driver). You should perform full scan of computer antivirus software is copyrighted and has been updated to the latest database. If the phenomenon persists, you should carefully check the software installed in your computer and remove unused software to free up resources for the machine as well as limited software conflicts.

The reason may be due to the hardware configuration does not match the lower and applications require powerful machines configured as graphics heavy games or multitasking several applications at the same time. If there is heavy demand for gaming or running multiple applications at the same time, you should consider upgrading the major components such as CPU, RAM and graphics card. In addition to the configuration element, if faulty hard drive and RAM are also greatly affected the computer's performance. In case the machine is too slow you should also check if there are bad sectors hard drive or not?

If you do not have much experience in the inspection and determine hardware defect, it is best to bring the machine to a service center or reputable repair facility to handle technicians help you.

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