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At the inn to find acquaintances to steal laptop

The man who built the car, lock stock before boarding house, said Tuan acquaintance. Because there was a man named Tuan nobody doubts. He blatantly stole the laptop.

The theft occurred at 9 am on 19/8 at the Nhat Chi Mai, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, HCMC. The thief is about 50 years old, about 1.65 meters tall.

He built the car at the gate and asked the hostess, "I lock her neck okay?" Hostess said: "No, he went to find one?" The thief said: "He Tuan, in Vung Tau" (He must have watched for a long time, so they know when the inn is named Tuan).

Then the thief went straight upstairs, snooping, while pretending to phone calls, knocked on the door looking Tuan. Seeing these laptops to the room number 9, he stole away into the air come out boldly, in front of her home and many people but no one knows.

The thief said to the inn to find a man named Tuan. She no doubt all should just give him room.

After nearly 10 minutes prowling, drama, many laptop to detect loopholes in room number 9, he sneaked in to steal.

Embracing the laptop comes out blatantly.

Nobody doubts.

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Le Minh Duc

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