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Bandits kill student laptop sentenced to death

On 23.8, Ho Chi Minh City People's Court in Tan Binh mobile processor, sentenced Cao Trung Lap (29 years old, live Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City) death penalty on charges of "murder", "robbery assets ".

9/17/2012 Noon, when the Republican-Road (Ward 13, Tan Binh District), Hoang Ngoc Tri detection (26 years old, live Binh Chanh district, college students) carrying his girlfriend behind, in Baga front to a laptop bag inside. Seeing bag for loopholes, no hangers on Lap car should immediately pressed shock and fled.

Due to the intersection for a red light should not be able to run faster and Development is Tri catch him, used motor car Prepare concrete to make both fall. Lap up motorcycle bag snatching has been running. He also threw Tri arrest Lap car chase. During the struggle, stabbed him with a knife Making Tri and fled ...

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