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Market makeover for Windows 8 laptops

Since 26/10, users will be flooded in dozens of patterns and new tablet PC operating system Microsoft Windows 8. In fact, there were 50 laptops, tablets, hybrid, all in a planned new amphibious occasion.

Some products have been published , others will be introduced at the beginning of October and the remainder will be officially on sale from 26/ 10, to accompany Windows 8 , CNET said .

There are three major trends covers all products , and will certainly affect the entire PC market in 2013 . If you are looking to buy a new computer , always " mind " 3 this trend while considering the choice :

Touchscreen feature will become " mainstream " in the traditional clamshell laptop .

The touchscreen -equipped laptop is always an expensive idea . Over the years , some laptop models " dare " test this feature only count on one hand , and sadly all of them failed.

But with the new interface of Windows 8 , there will be a lot of things you can do with your fingertip. Consequently, almost all PC makers have added touch screen to list your current laptop , or a completely new models designed with touch screen default .

And unlike all previous test failed , this time , the touch screen on my laptop suddenly become useful, great handy , especially when you browse web pages long hours in line . Some PC makers have advanced to the point of thinking redesigned screen hinge that allows the screen more than 120 degree tilt .

Windows RT will be very rare and too expensive

The fact that Windows 8 tablet and hybrid laptop prices are very close . Therefore , it is difficult to identify the user object of the RT product Windows (version Windows 8 for ARM chips instead of Intel / AMD ) .

Compared with the standard Windows 8 , Windows RT is much more limited in functionality , not to mention the choice of software , accessories and peripherals are more limited .

Many company plans to sell tablet with prices starting at RT 599 USD , plus 150-200 dollars for a keyboard stand and come . This is the price too high , by a factor 799 USD enough for you to shop a standard laptop . The only horse in the segment is the Microsoft Surface Windows RT RT if Microsoft's price was significantly cheaper than the threshold of $ 500.

Equipment and convertible hybrid hybrid racing debut

That is the screen 11 or 12 - inch stand alone when the tablet is like . But when connected to a Bluetooth keyboard and stand , we would like a traditional laptop .

Nearly all major PC vendors will launch at least one such product , the design is almost exactly the same , as if they were from the oven "blueprint " that Microsoft hardware partners that.

Of course , there are some firms more innovative laptop design with the slide, the slide screen above the keyboard , or a few screen design that can be folded back to 360 degrees .

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