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7 reasons for choosing Windows laptop integrated copyright

While using non-genuine software, help investment costs are low, even almost no investment, by installing pirated software discs cost only a few thousand in number, but the damage that users, especially the business can suffer up to a billion.

Meanwhile , just leave a small fee , users can own a computer pre-installed Windows 7 operating system . 7 reasons for choosing windows laptop integration following copyright can give you a new perspective :

1 - Easy Installation

The laptop has an integrated Windows license , you just " sprung win " for the first time use , the operating system will run the installed drivers and utilities for your computer, you just need to enter some information for the machine to start using . During use , if negligence deleted files , accidentally, rather than lose the settings , users can quickly run the operating system , such as when you bought the machine with functional recovery .

In addition to the operating system license , users are using many software utilities 60 depending on which manufacturer built as AntiVirus , NeroBum ... You only need to install Vietnamese typing software Unikey free as can be used immediately . During this time , if consumers choose preinstalled Windows 7 computer , also using Office 2010 Starter with some of the features of Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel .
2 - No annoying to trial

To select the genuine products , consumers often choose to buy in the supermarkets , sell phone systems - computer or computer dealer prestigious goods imported by distributors name perennial age as DGW , FPT , ... However, the default settings are agents for buying computer operating systems are the most popular Windows 7 - 30 - day trial version .

After 30 days , users had to bring the computer back to the shop to install . With Windows 7 laptop built copyrighted , annoyances on completely disappeared .

3 - Avoid the risk of invasive virus

OS windows " contraband " ( also known as the crack ) are sold in the market is flooded with very cheap price - only 5 to 7 thousand dollars . However, the pirated copies are always potential risk of virus or hacker compromised when internet access . 60% of the software available for download contain malicious code risk ruin computer systems , threatening your data stored on the hard drive .

With the Windows operating system , users complete peace of mind thanks antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials comes free . The software helps protect your computer in real time , avoiding harmful viruses and malware , automatically update the latest security information, while ensuring not affect the performance of the machine .

4 - Increase operational efficiency and utility

The operating system license update patches , operating system helps stabilize and increase operational efficiency , and enhance security for computers . The latest version of Microsoft Windows 7 also integrates many software utilities available to users , such as Windows Live Mail : management software e-mail , calendar and contacts , supports multiple email accounts with 1 logins , or retrofit package Microsoft Office Starter 2010, with many interesting features , this pack can be copied to a removable storage drive with a capacity greater than 512MB for use in other computers no preset document processing software ...

5 - Right to be upgraded

With the right operating system , you can easily upgrade to a higher version of Windows more cheaply (for Pro version , Ultimate , or Enterprise bussines ) . With a few sessions banWindows 7 license , users can upgrade to Windows 8 operating system known upcoming cost much cheaper than buying retail new Windows 8 installation .

6 - Practical Benefits

In addition to the basic benefits as full- install disc , manuals and associated technical support , the right to upgrade from Microsoft that the pirated version is not available, use the operating system rights of consumers the practical benefit from Microsoft Vietnam .

" The time for gold to great gift for the computer " is the biggest promotions of the year takes place from now until 16/01/2012 for all final customers when purchasing any Windows computer integrated 7 copyright or Microsoft Office 2010 products at an authorized dealer by Microsoft in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City .

This program is an opportunity to own the most valuable prizes and attractive to customers through lucky draw held every week and end of the program . Special Award is 02 Honda Civic - drawn on 18/01/2012 . The prize is worth another trip for family of 4 in 5 star resort , motorcycles , Internet TV , mobile smart phones, digital cameras and thousands of other prizes from Microsoft and agents in Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh City for the first customer for the program .

Visit the website for information microsoft.com/vietnam/windows7/promotion.aspx details .

7 - Risk Reduction

Using the software is not copyrighted , no negative effects to individual users , but also damaging to the image , brand business itself - where you are working . Upon inspection , the enterprise software copyright violations can be prosecuted and fined up to 500 million.

Every year the number of individuals and businesses suffer from software piracy very large proportion . According to IDC , if the reduction is 10 % piracy rate in the Asia - Pacific region for 4 years ( from 2008-2012 ) , the economy of the region will increase by U.S. $ 41 billion in revenue, creating an additional 435 thousand new jobs , increased tax revenues from approximately $ 5.4 billion and increase revenue for software vendors about $ 33 billion .

Small investment for big benefits , consumers should consider carefully select Windows laptop built copyrighted or not before his selection for a useful working tool .

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