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Chrome Laptop or nothing?

On 15/6 here, lots first laptop using Google Chrome OS by search giant self-development will be officially on sale in the U.S. and six other countries.

With 8.5 billion deal between Microsoft and Skype , Chrome laptop story topics are considered " hot" technology village today . The biggest question of public opinion at this time is: Chrome laptop " dock " it's too late ? And this device features no difference , enough to break a foot in the land market was too crowded , as people crowded laptop ?

In fact , the timeline 15/6 means the Chrome laptop launched nearly two years after Google first announced Chrome OS . During that time , Apple iPad and a tablet form promptly storming on handheld computing market , selling like hot cakes with sales growing "crisis " .

So , the people wondered users are interested in " a Google laptop designed for surfing the web " or not is , of course , when initially hearing , its fundamental purpose is like to the tablet .

Basically , Chrome OS is a minimalist , just include the " skeleton " is a web browser . Users are forced to use applications such as email , spreadsheets online , instead of storing programs such as Outlook , Word , Excel computer .

However, Google believes that the transfer of functions to the Internet everyday will help eliminate time-consuming tasks such as software installation , update , data back- ups and virus scanning software running .

Hardware Configuration

According to the announcement from Google , Samsung Electronics and Acer will be the two first Chromebook makers priced between 349-499 dollars in the Best Buy and Amazon . Meanwhile , the cheapest iPad version is $ 499 .

Acer Chromebook form of cost 349 USD , owns 11.6 inch screen and a battery life of up to 6 hours . Samsung's high-end versions with 12.1- inch screen and a battery life of 8.5 hours, prices range from 429-499 USD. Both models will have keyboards , but no hard drive storage , this means that we will be completely dependent on the Internet and cloud services . Chromebook only preinstalled 16GB flash memory chips , the type commonly used components for smartphones , tablets and some iPod models . They have slots to connect to external storage devices to buy . Both use Intel processors due to manufacturing .

In addition to the U.S. , Chromebooks are being sold in the UK , France , Germany , Holland , Italy and Spain in the first round .

Powered by subscription price

To attract users , Google has announced the subscription model for over 3 years now and schools similar pattern subsidized phone / tablet of mobile networks in the U.S. today . With rates 28 USD / month / user for the business sector and government agencies , 20 USD / person / month for school block , Google will provide computer technical support and warranty for 3 years . By the end of the third year , the company will conduct new Chromebook computer replacement .

According to analysts , Chromebook will definitely do more physical war competition between the two giants Microsoft and Google . Two co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google has long been felt boot Windows computer for too long , while the operating system is too bulky , too heavy . They believe that this weakness will cause users to spend less time online than , that also is an opportunity for them to click on ads provided by Google is also less.

To solve this problem , 7/2009 , Google has announced plans to develop a free operating system based on the Chrome browser , which allows the computer turned on / off in seconds and really lightweight , encouraging users surf more .

Not only attacked the realm of the Microsoft operating system , Google Chromebook also will challenge the Apple , the maker of Mac computers and iPad tablets . Currently Google and Apple are the two main competitors in the smartphone market , while iOS and Android over embankments each point .

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