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Client component installed Samsung laptop keylogger

Samsung Electronics is investigating allegations some R Series laptops contain its keylogger software, a software that can be used to record whatever the user typed on the keyboard.

Mohamed Hassan , a line of laptop buyers of Samsung R Series , said he has realized this problem since last month , when he bought a Samsung R525 laptop at Best Buy in Toronto ( Canada ) . The pre-installed keylogger laptop and he was immediately deleted. Two weeks later , Hassan decided to buy a more powerful machine configuration , so he returned the R525 and buy new models - the R540 , at a local store . Amazingly , keylogger software is also included in the R540 .

" These are new machines . We have not used any time , " said Hassan . " I can ignore suspicious for the first computer . But when I bought a second machine model , a different model laptop from another store , it was repeated. I think Samsung needs to know the issues . "

Hassan , an IT consultant in Toronto , said the technical support division of Samsung had told him that : "We will learn the computer is being used as yet."

Jason Redmond , represents Samsung , said the company is exploring allegations of Hassan . "We view this matter very , very seriously ," he said . Before that he had never seen the job , or heard about De Willebois Consulting , the company that produced software StarLogger Hassan said he found on a laptop . "We do not understand the relationship with this company , and also never knew about this software on our laptops ."

Currently, De Willebois Consulting did not comment on the story . On our webstie , the company says StarLogger " can fully detect and starts whenever the computer starts . It can see everything the user typed : emails , messages , documents , web pages , usernames , passwords ... " . This software can also " grab " the image on the screen .

If Samsung related to this software installed on the laptop , it could be in big trouble , according to Cindy Cohn , legal director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the company .

Just like the famous rootkit software entertainment company Sony BMG in 2005 , if Samsung secretly installed tracking software on client computers , the case could lead to civil litigation , and Samsung will be alleged violations of consumer protection laws of the federation.

That year , Sony BMG has an illegal insert malicious code into their music CD , to install " rootkits " on the Windows laptop to prevent user intervention ( rip ) MP3 files . Sony BMG had to pay 575 million dollars in fines and fees related to litigation .

Software keyloggers are often used by hackers to steal sensitive information , including username and password , but its website describes De Willebois some legitimate applications of StarLogger : monitor access activities children's Internet access .

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