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3G Laptop GoodM! for active users

Is the laptop not only towards good quality, strong configuration, but also achieve the aesthetic of the convenience factor, combined with the luxury alloy. So what is a laptop "Pro" let's explore the fascinating features of this laptop brand new 3G Adame GoodM!

Remarkable features

Inheriting the advantages of laptops has previously released ( GoodM! Saluto G166 ) , plus breakthrough innovations in design and configuration , Adame 3G is priced products quite fit and still towards the target consumers with average incomes . The dark silver is made by aluminum alloy to create the martial luxurious body cast alloy monocoque Duyra with vacuum technology for the screw diameter . It has a full range of connectors such as 2x USB , HDMI , LAN , VGA , microphone and headphone with large chiclet keyboard comfortable , lightweight design fashion with less than 2 cm thick .

Adame 3G is also equipped with a full range of essential technologies , with CPU Intel Atom D510 1.66 Ghz Duacore strong enough to conquer much demand . 2G RAM and can be easily upgraded to 4G RAM slot left by design .

Catch up with the mobile phone tech 3G or even 4G , 3G Adame laptop full of outstanding features . Integrated speed 7.2Mbps HSDPA 3G Modem is compatible with all networks Vietnam .

Wireless -N 150Mbps speeds with HD LED screen 13.3 " 1366 x 768px ( 16:9 ) . Also equipped with a 320GB SATA hard drive is manufactured by Samsung . Material adjacent to 18K increase rate data transmission capabilities .

Towards a dynamic , easy Internet access anytime, anywhere by 3G design , we can say this product line has been conquered by the consumer convenience , capture needs right now .

Inspired laptop with 3G

According to the supplier , since the information appearing GM Tech will launch this product line in 2011 , immediately believers technology has a lot of talk about the event , most of the feedback received positive about 3G technology product line " Pro " is.

Adding several advantages compared to previous product lines , Adame 3G is slowly conquering the consumer with the same features , its advantages .

Gives consumers of refined products , top quality , consistent with the user object based on the stringent standards of Mega Group USA ... Technology Group Corp. said Adame 3G can be provided by the GM Tech exclusive offers , the choice really is perfect evidence is the expectation of the believer in information technology during that time .

GoodM ! experience will bring the latest technology products , the price advantage is partially confirmed in the market place . With the slogan " Spreading of life " and the guiding principle of " benefit the user -centric " products GoodM ! With increasing customer trust by the superior features , durability and quality warranty

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