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Changes laptop 2011

Computer manufacturers are racing to create the featured changes to line your laptop outperformed other firms. For example, to configure the "crisis over", using a new generation of graphics chips, to taste better entertainment, removing unnecessary components, ...

Here are the improvements mainstream laptops in 2011 :

Faster data transfer

For many years , most brand laptop uses the typical USB 2.0 connection . However, at present , the user's data stored up quickly and require supply terminals must have data transfer speed faster .

Such as last year , we have seen a few laptops aloft with USB 3.0 ports and this prediction will be equipped common for laptops by the end of this year . This connectivity standard for theoretical speeds of up to 4.8 Gb / s , 10 times compared with USB 2.0 now ( 480Mb/giay ) . However, testing on actual speed is only two or 3 times faster than with the old standard , but that's not my speed is one .

But it does not really excited when Intel unveiled Light Peak technology support 10Gb/giay speed optical memory instead of using cap winter cap . Computers Apple 's new Macbook Pro will be able to apply this technology but the nickname ' Thunderbolt ' .

Hybrid drives

Most laptops are equipped with a traditional hard drive ( HDD ) . Means of magnetic storage cheaper than other solid-state drive ( SSD ) other . These solid state drives based on Flash has created an advanced segment more and more common as the Macbook Air offers faster speed , anti-vibration , no noise and has good stamina than experiencing the shock of Animals ly . These laptops equipped with the most advanced SSD drive capacity ranges from 128 to 256GB , capacity is not significant compared with conventional hard drives available today .

Hybrid drives are basically conventional drives more integrated SSD memory capacity . This will unhelpful ? Operating system files will be installed in the SSD to provide the ability to more quickly access , the hard disk to store user data . Therefore , the computer may start similar ultra-fast PC equipped with SSD drives . This will save large general storage space with reasonable price , while saving power .

Windows operating system is ready Supports there by the a feature called ' ReadyDrive ' , appears the release of Vista . Quickly turn off the computer like the MacBook Air . This is expected on these laptops equipped this year .

More integrated on a single chip

As we know , central processor ( CPU ) consists of units such as ALU ( logic calculator ) , Memory Registers , Control Unit , elem ... the memory controller and graphics is placed separately compared with also mounted on the CPU and motherboard . But the current trend is these components will be also integrated on a single chip and size dwindles away ( now is the 32nm ) .

Processor Intel Atom recent line tower headboard and Sandy Bridge processor-based graphics and memory controller on the chip . Even the foundation Fusion " APU " AMD also quite a lot of similarities. Hence , our communications between components should be faster and more efficiently , which improves performance and may even save power .

Wireless Trends on the larger screen .

Today, most laptops come with HDMI ports to connect directly to high-definition LCD TV or large screen projectors . The great thing about HDMI is that we use the single cable to transmit audio and video to reduce noise level .

With the advancement of wireless technologies and processing power , we are on the brink of wireless transfer content from a laptop to a larger screen . Intel WiDi technology to call it , Apple called ' AirPlay ' . WiDi require you to purchase a small box connected to the TV and accept wire transfer from your laptop via Wi - Fi . Meanwhile , Apple may require you to buy Apple TV to be able to synchronize with the computer.

So basically you can play your favorite movies stored on a laptop to LCD TV screen larger or serve the slide .

Showing 3D

Last year , users can see 3D laptop with auxiliary glasses but not really impressive when business must have a new view 3D images on the computer and the test does not come cheap . But last year appears some laptop models hub for tourism can not replace general PC gaming but can see 3D video .

Extinction optical drive

Many years ago , imagine PC without the CD will be a major shortage but if not now whether they want ? Thanks to high- speed , unlimited Internet access and USB based storage really cheap , can reuse again and store more data compared with both Blu- ray disc , DVD disc .

As more and more people do not choose the media optics to transmit data , many laptop manufacturers rather than going in that direction . When realized excess of equipped optical drive for laptop , manufacturers can make about the drive is not intended for efficiency. That could list to equip larger battery or laptop equipped thinner instead of DVD drives .

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