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iPad HD stronger than laptop

With terrible configuration of high-speed chip, 4G connectivity and super-resolution screen, iPad HP also surpass many laptops are sold on the market.

With the iPad HD , everything will become clear as day about why the tablet is the category " PC " the fastest growth over time .

According to the most popular rumors , the iPad HD will possess a brilliant screen , was launched with a resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels ( ahead of 1024 x 768 pixels ) of the iPad 2 . Even the latest version of the MacBook Air as the fashionable Intel ultrabook laptops also do not own a screen resolution " monumental " as such . Not have the more devices are integrated 4G .

For the chip area , which is always great advantage of Intel , the experts of the graphics chip technology has caught up Apple integrated graphics chip from Intel . It also means , the image processing power , HD iPad not inferior to those bulky laptop .

And the most important point , the full power of the iPad HD is encapsulated inside an ultra thin design and mobility that laptops only dream of that .

In short, the iPad is really proved it is a major threat to the laptop manufacturer . Market research firm Canalys recently announced iPad has helped Apple become the world's largest PC makers , HP surpassed both . This comment has received approval from its data DisplaySearch .

This morning , a report from Piper Jaffray , said its series of Office applications , which is the strength of the PC , is gradually migrating to the iPad . Specifically, here is OnLive Desktop , a Microsoft Office application suite brings to the iPad and " basically eliminates the need to use a duo Intel x86 + Windows " .

Of course , the user experience will not be able to get the equivalent of taking Microsoft on the local hard drive , but it's close enough to threaten the role of the computer .

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