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Toshiba series laptop recovered by melting errors

Toshiba's latest laptop maker to become victims of errors "hot air". The decision to withdraw nearly 41,000 laptop that the company has released the result of more than 100 reports of melting laptop shell case in many countries.

Prior to Toshiba , and many others have experienced a similar incident and had to conduct the recall campaign scale . " Too hot " became permanent nightmare of the laptop market , especially for competition , more and more people have to figure out how to cram more processing power into a giant tight spaces .

According to a Safety Committee U.S. Household Products , Toshiba will acquire the series Satellite T135 , Satellite T135D and Satellite ProT130 by this machine can be melted at the junction with the adapter , causing burns to the to use .

In last July , Sony had to recover more than half a million Sony laptop . Mike Lucas , senior vice president of Sony said in a press release that " in some instances, these notebook computers may overheat error by temperature management system in the faulty machine . System as a result the keyboard or casing will be damaged and may cause burns . "

Just before Sony , the number one market in the HP laptop also has recalled more than 100,000 laptop batteries after sending letters complaining about the quality as high as mountains . Although quality control processes in firms such as Toshiba , Sony and HP are many flaws but the incident " too hot " occurred with a frequency of dense show , this is not a story of its own anymore .

Thermal energy generated is a real problem of the computer . A significant part of the cost of the installation or maintenance of a data center is intended to maintain the room temperature is always moderate . Just off to try all the computer equipment in the office or home that you see , the temperature will quickly calm down .

The processor heats up while running . Batteries also generate significant amounts of heat . The architecture of the components inside the laptop is extremely important since it must generate enough air flow circulation , so fans can take effect and push the heat out of the cabinet . But things become increasingly difficult as manufacturers have pressed thin laptop , shrink it to increase mobility .

The only good news that Intel and AMD are trying to develop new processor technology , integrated features for more chips . Combining core processor with a graphics - chip instead of 2 separate chips - will significantly reduce the power consumption and heat levels generated for the laptop later .

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