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Happy Hour Specials - Festival Window 7 Laptop

From 7/8/2011 to 25/9/2011, Microsoft in collaboration with the agency implementing the program "Festival laptop - Happy Hour discount" gift coupon worth 1 million at supermarkets Big C customers buying laptops with pre-installed Windows 7 on a Sunday in may.

In particular , customers also attend a weekly lucky draw with 8 Laptop same type and the Windows Phone 8 fashionable . Every week , lucky draw program will be held at retail stores such as Nguyen Kim , Pico , Tran Anh , Phong Vu , mobile world . For more information about the program , please visit microsoft.com / Vietnam / promotions .

As one of the leading technology corporations in the world , Microsoft has been trying to actively help protect your computer up to the user , in order to provide the best experience and most secure to use on the Windows operating system platform .

Windows 7 is designed to help people with the most benefits from your computer , allowing the experience to meet your needs with more reliability , faster handling operations and a lot easier . From locating documents or multimedia files stored on the computer for surfing the web , Windows 7 will process faster and easier, while retaining the expression of the new features .

The " Festival laptop - Happy Hour discount" is gratitude that Microsoft wants to send credit to customers using its products over time.

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