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Catch the super cheap laptop Black Friday occasion

If you are looking to buy a new computer, this will be the occasion to Black Friday is a great time to hunt these programs attractive discounts through online shopping sites.

On Friday after Thanksgiving ( 22/11 ) will be the official opening day for the holiday shopping season last year. This year , the program 's Black Friday promotion has been extended into the week with a range of prices socdanh deal for laptops , desktops and tablets .

The dozens of new models set computer operating system Windows 8 makes landfall as users have more incentive to shop new computer . Currently, the site sell electronics major U.S. have announced a number of items before Black Friday discounts its core . You can easily come across many popular laptops discount , along with a model of touch-screen Windows 8 debuted .

The tablet deal for rarer , mainly limited to the lesser known brands . Some stores also listed in the Apple iPad price lists but still as usual . The only thing the customer will receive a gift card to bring the same sense as the Black Friday promotion .

1 . HP Sleekbook - 399 USD at Sam 's Club

This is an attractive price for any laptop equipped with Intel Core i5 , 6GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive . HP brand which makes this deal more attractive , especially when designing their new laptop computer Pavilion makes it look very sharp . Although very thin chassis , but you also do not confuse with an ultrabook , by weaker configuration Sleekbook ultrabook standards a bit (mainly the absence of solid-state drives ) .

2 . Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 version $ 249 at Sam 's Club

With the price of 100 USD cheaper than the normal price , this is a promotional products is quite attractive if you are looking for a 10 - inch tablet fully featured but affordable . Computer ownership is quite powerful speakers , built- sensitive screen and Android 4.0 operating system .

3 . Asus Q200E - 449 USD at Best Buy

This is an ultra-portable design 11 - inch install Windows 8 operating system is Asus recently introduced to the market , so the prices are very good for your reference and study . Machine equipped with Intel Core i3 chip and touch screen , 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive .

4 . 15 - inch Acer Aspive V5 - 529 USD at Best Buy

The upgrade to the touch-screen 15 - inch , but still continue to use the Intel Core i3 chip makes this product slightly " distressed mortgage " . There are many laptops use Intel Core i5 chip is being marketed with price around 500 USD threshold , but the touch screen is more rare . Furthermore, the Windows 8 operating system is a further plus point for Aspire V5 . The design of the machine is very slim and modern , so this deal will be a very " hot " in the Best Buy Black Friday this week .

5 . Lenovo IdeaCentre B540 all-in- one - 599 USD at Best Buy

Although limited to Intel's Pentium chip , but in return, all models in a 23 - inch touchscreen owning , operating system Windows 8 , 4GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive . Version Intel Core i3 chips will jump to more than 800 USD , so if you do not demand too much about speed , just glance over the deck to try it out this laptop .

6 . Dell Inspiron 14z - 299 USD at Dell.com

This is a laptop model with mass forms a sharp , slender , almost as an ultrabook standards . The configuration of the machine consists of Intel Core i3 , 4GB RAM , 500GB hard drive - very attractive at $ 299 . But Dell said the number of machines is limited promotion and they only run official price shock midnight on 23/11 next .

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