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Stormed the pepper spray, handcuffing her laptop robbery

Add a brazen robbery in Hanoi. 2 robbers broke into the audacity to use pepper spray, handcuffed robbery host computer.

The victim 's sister Dinh Thi Nga ( 25 years old , Khuong Dinh , Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi ) reported robbery happened at about 18h on 13/3 .

When you 're sitting in the house , suddenly two men burst into the strange , used pepper spray to control , then use adhesive tape , tied her hands to snatch the laptop and then quickly escape .

Thanh Xuan district police took over the case for investigation to clarify .

Image robbers stormed into the house robbery iPhone , iPad in Hanoi on the afternoon of 1/3 of the past . In relation to the incident , two subjects were arrested . ( Photo taken from the clip )

Thus, after a series of abusing loopholes iPad stormed the house robbery , snatching the object has changed tactics , cheeky tool support , control host to rob .

Prime the spray used previously been a number of objects used to steal motorcycles and phone .

Most recently on the evening of 31/1 , when he again Van Math ( 28 years old , Hai Hau , Nam Dinh ) is sitting on a motorcycle on the phone in the lane for motorized vehicles on the Highway 5A through Cam Giang district ( Hai Ocean ) , 2 subjects were pressed motorcyclists , pepper spray robbery phone .

Earlier on the afternoon of 31/12/2012 , a cheeky thief broke into the bridal shop at 152 Truong Dinh ( Hoang Mai , Ha Noi ) , used pepper spray to control employees , claimed the iPhone 4 .

Nguyen Vu Hoang subjects ( 17 years old ) were arrested later .

With similar tricks , many employers have stolen expensive bikes on the street .

Nearly 2am on 19/8/2010 , she Loan ( 31 years old , Cau Giay District, Hanoi ) with 3 young motorcyclists attacked with pepper spray , robbed the Piaggio LX 125 .

Also around this time , Ms. Nguyen Huong Giang ( 20 years old , Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi ) were 3 bandits robbing the pepper spray on the LX 150 Tran Phu Street .

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