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Opening Asia Laptop Plaza - offering cash for laptops

During the opening ceremony of Asia Laptop Plaza 170 Thai Ha on 12/3/2011, South Asia will perform VNĐ 1,700,000 awarded for any 170 laptop.

Beginning on 5/3/2011 , Asia Laptop Plaza 102 Thai Ha will move to a new place of business at 170 Thai Ha , Dong Da , Ha Noi . This is considered a key event in the beginning of the Cat 2011 Asian company . The meaning and importance that Asia Laptop Plaza 170 Thai Ha will be officially launched formally on Saturday, 12/3/2011 .

In particular , on 12/3/2011 event also marked South Asia will Apple Opening Store , a professional booth for Apple products in accordance with company standards . This is a strategic partnership of Apple and South Asia , its position and reputation of the company South Asia . Go to the Apple Store , customers will get to meet the demand for products : Macbook Pro , Macbook Air , iPad , iMac , high-end components to support synchronous optimization of technical services .

At the same time , the broader scale , uniform and equipment more modern style , professional Laptop Plaza 170 Thai Ha will showcase a variety of products Laptop many leading brands , nh : Sony vaio , Dell . Toshiba , Lenovo Thinkpad , Asus , HP , Acer ... Besides , the product office equipment , desktop computers , high-end accessories also comes attention.

On this occasion , made ​​South Asia Laptop Plaza , offering 170 1,700,000 contract for any laptop . Clients attending the opening ceremony and tour of the day 12/3/2011 will be participating at 170,000 sales price with 170 1 value products : USB 8G , 3G USB 7.2Mbs , Logitech Wireless Mouse , Targus backpack genuine .

There followed a week of promotions to celebrate the opening extends from 13/3 to 20/03/2011 with the discount rate and the really cool gifts , up to 2,500,000 VNĐ for thousands of different laptop . The program applies only at Asia Laptop Plaza 170 Thai Ha .

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