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Laptop incendiary father died 6

A house fire caused 26-3 on tragic death of the father and child in Israel is believed to be due to overheating laptop placed on the mattress in the bedroom of the child.

According to the preliminary investigation of the Israeli police on 28-3 , the cause of the fire at his home in the city of Rehovot night Shaer 26-3 by the laptop can overheat when placed on a mattress , spark discovered the fire.

Six people were killed , including a father named Guy Shaer ( 38 years old ) and five children of Itamar ( 2 years ) , Shira ( 3 years) , Amitai ( 7 years) , Evyatar ( 8 years old ) and Eliav ( 12 years old ) . The only survivor is his wife and the mother of five children doomed - she Avivit .

On 27-3 , the investigators of the fire department and police experts , Israel Electric Corporation and the city of Rehovot 've spent hours looking for the cause of the fire .

According to initial investigation , the night 26-3 , Guy and his wife for years Avivit children sleep in the room and locked the door. The laptop is charging is placed on a mattress in the room .

A young six memorial candles fated father - Photo: Haaretz

By the 21g30 , to their grandmother 's house next door to see why your house lost power but did not find anything and checked the socket . A few minutes later , they heard her screams and found her daughter Shira cause power outages derived from their homes because of the power Shaer was pulled from his grandmother's house .

Immediately , Mr. Guy ran home when the fire caught up in the room where five children were sleeping . Can not inside, he ran over to the window to try to save the child . But when going on inside the room he had been unconscious since high concentrations of CO2 . Bad father 's body was found beside the children lying on the mattress .

Hundreds of people followed the coffin of the father of six children - Photo: Haaretz

Israel Police suspect the laptop placed on a mattress can cause local overheating transformer short circuit , causing power outages in the house . In addition, the power Shaer was loosely connected , unprofessional . Burning mattress and furniture in the room that the fire became intense . Five children died from inhaling toxic fumes from burning mattresses .

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