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Laptop HP 430 - LX037PA: Simple but dynamic

Laptop HP 430 is designed to be simple, rugged, this is stronger when offered 02 GB of RAM, bringing the total capacity of up to 4GB.

Typically , for each market segment , the manufacturer will offer a line of products suitable to meet the needs of the user as well as giving users more choice . HP , the largest computer maker in the world , not the exception. Typical products LX037PA 430 HP version of the current mid-range laptop products business .

Surely that comfortable

HP 430 is designed in the style of a traditional laptop . However, the machine can also youthful , dynamic and rounded corners make sense for a slim laptop with 14 inch screen . The entire body is surrounded by rugged shell color with durable metal .

Besides crust produced by Imprint repellent technology to fix fingerprint increasingly making use HP 430 is the product of choice when sophistication . The components inside the machine is fixed and made ​​sure the comfort and the best facilities for users .

Advantages of the HP 430 is also located in the cooling system for the components inside the machine is more reasonable design , not only increased thermal efficiency , but not to escape the heat affect users , thanks that the user can not feel hot to the discomfort when using the laptop for a long time as the other products .

Also in this model , HP has improved the standard battery and adapter can generally fix for all of the popular series , which has contributed much easier for the user as replacement demand , or guarantee a convenient and simple as possible .

Work and multimedia entertainment

HP 430 LX037PA owns most current configuration to be built on the foundation of Intel HM65 Express chipset with integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor Sandy Bridge 2nd Generation Intel Core i3 - 2330M 2.2 GHz , 4GB DDR3 - 1333 ( * ) , and 320 GB hard drive . With the processor second generation with high power and large memory helps users to run applications smoothly , open multiple applications at once , and multitasking capabilities without compromising refinement wide performance .

HP 430 is equipped with 14 -inch screens are produced on HP BrightView LED technology , which allows viewing of HD movies or playing 3D games popular . This screen image with vivid colors and bright , but also saves battery and allows clear viewing even outdoors . Meanwhile , to meet the demand for the audio system speakers Altec Lansing surround sound powerful , space brings lifelike sound in action films or suspense in the game pulled book as DotA .

The key start

Line of business laptops , HP HP 430 is equipped with unique applications HP Support Assistant to help diagnose health systems , consulting installation programs automatically control and fine tune system performance the most optimal way .

In addition to HP 430 LX037PA have enough energy to serve the users , HP has added the Power Manager software helps computer power management and Pin a most effective way . The feature is more typical to raise the value of a modified standard products , and is the special feature innovative HP for the high demands of modern business .

HP 430 is currently being sold on the market for $ 11.499 million ( including VAT ) with a gift set worth $ 600,000 , with warranty period " Super Speed ​​" 1 year . The prices are very reasonable for the students as well as young entrepreneurs need to initially set up a laptop now strong enough and high security . Products are distributors CMC promises to help stabilize the current market information .

HP and distributor CMC also offers promotions extremely attractive with useful gifts , totaling 2GB RAM is the memory capacity up to 4GB of RAM on the machine , the machine can run enough help at the same time many applications as well as help the startup time is significantly faster , and a backpack HP with eye-catching design will help users to be able to bring along their sides neatly . The promotion is valid from now until 30/11/2011 at retailers nationwide .
( * ) In addition to built-in 2GB RAM , the machine further promotion totaling 2GB RAM to 4GB capacity

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