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Should upgrade or buy a new laptop?

Do not throw away the old laptop! Just upgrade it once or twice, you can make the machine run faster, add features and extend its lifespan.

When you use the laptop for two or three years, you will probably ask yourself that whether to buy a new laptop to replace or not ?

Although this can be time you should keep track of our evaluation to find a replacement laptop , but you should not throw away old laptop right now . With only a little money and a little technical know-how , you can bring a laptop to your old revitalize , or at least prolong the use of even a few more months for years .

Here's why you advise to upgrade your old laptop PC Mag .

In deciding whether to upgrade a laptop is the right choice or not , you should answer the following questions :

Does upgrade solve the problem ? If you are simply suffering low-performing laptop and run slowly , or you 've used up memory storage , the problem can be easily solved by increasing the RAM memory of the computer or alternative hard drive .

The other problem is there are ways to solve complicated than just replacing a part of the laptop . For example , in case your laptop can not play the game Batman : Arkham City , the laptop may be due to lack of necessary graphics processor , or not enough RAM , or a lack of free space on hard drive , or all three reasons above . Solving this problem with a single upgrade may not be feasible ( because adding a discrete graphics card is not always feasible for all laptop ) , or may be more costly or complicated you want very much .

I have done upgrades like? Replacement part is quite simple as removing the battery and replacing it with a new battery , or more complex , such as removing the side panel or keyboard . You should research how to upgrade before determining whether it is feasible and consistent with the inner part of the system or not . The general guideline is sometimes quite useful , but because each laptop usually designs and its own structure so you will not find information for your particular model . Sources such as manuals and repair computers crafts and tutorials on YouTube iFixit invaluable to you when you decide to implement a project to repair or upgrade your laptop.

Does upgrading a laptop parts are more expensive than buying a new laptop or not ? While the cost of buying a new laptop to cost a few hundred dollars ( tens of million) , upgrading the separate parts cost a lot more affordable . For example , only the cost of replacement batteries from 20 USD to 50 USD ( between 420,000 to 1,040,000 VND) . The cost of upgrading laptop RAM is 50 USD. The cost of buying a 2.5 - inch 500GB hard drive is only about 75 USD ( about 1.6 million) , but a 256GB SSD drive upgrade can be sold for $ 200 ( about 4.2 million) or more expensive . A Blu - ray drive can range from 50 USD to 700 USD ( about 14.6 million) , depending on product model , and burning capabilities . These expenses are much higher if you ask professionals to upgrade instead of upgrading your computer .

If you decide to upgrade is the best next thing you should do is to determine the start before upgrading parts .


Through many years of use , the battery of the laptop will decrease. Only after a few years , it may dwindle to less than 1 hour , severely limiting the mobility of the laptop . Fortunately, the battery is easy to replace parts of a laptop , because it can be removed without opening the cover ( except for some thin -and-light laptop now use non-removable batteries ) .

Switch to the new battery will help you get back lost battery life , can even increase battery capacity . If you want to lose weight so easy to carry laptop , you 'll have to use batteries with smaller capacities .


A computer storing information will have two options . Long -term storage of files and programs will take place on the hard drive or SSD . Random Access Memory ( aka RAM ) to store programs and information currently using .

Additional RAM allows you to store more of this information , increasing operating speed faster, especially when working with multiple programs at the same time or in the intensive applications such as image editing and video . Although not easily removable in desktop , laptop RAM is usually placed below the bottom of the laptop lid to remove lid or a small shield under the laptop to replace the RAM . Sometimes there are some laptop RAM is located under the keyboard and unplug the keyboard should be able to perform the upgrade and replacement .

For web browsing and working with documents quickly , use 2GB of RAM is enough . And for many users , the function of RAM is a bit larger . For media editing , gaming and whatever other similarly complex , you should use more than 4GB of RAM if your system supports (Some laptop memory support up to 12GB or more ) .

Because RAM is cheap and relatively easy to install (just open the bottom of the laptop and plug it in ) , so this is one of the first upgrades you should consider . Most motherboards only support one type of RAM ( DDR3 is the most common , but some older laptops can still use DDR2 ) , but the amount and different speeds can be used together without matter what , as long as the voltage module alike.

However , remember that when different speeds are used , the laptop will be limited by the speed of the slowest RAM module . To get the most of each GB of RAM , try to adjust the speed accordingly.

Hard disk drives HDD and SSD drives

To increase the storage capacity of the laptop , you can change hard drives or larger capacity SSDs faster . This can usually be done by using the tool than 1 screwdriver , but before you make yourself like this upgrade , you should back up your data . Be sure not to throw away the old drive when you finish . You can store important data on it as a backup , or re-format and use it to store data when needed .

To increase performance , faster boot times and reduced weight laptop , replace your hard drive with an SSD HDD . Using flash memory chips used is similar to RAM , SSD can be replaced easily as traditional hard drives . One thing to note is that each GB of SSD units will be more expensive than a hard disk drive HDD . Please pay attention to the price and weigh the performance benefits compared to the cost of upgrading .

Optical Drive

Currently equipped laptop optical drive modules are gone , but if you are using a laptop with a removable drive , you will have two options . You can use a Blu - ray drive compatible to replace an old DVD burner , or you can replace the optical drive with a hard disk drive HDD or SSD drive to expand the storage capacity of laptop .

There should upgrade or not depends largely on the laptop is using what drive , replace the drive or not available and the total cost of the upgrade is. If a disk drive can be removed easily and replaced with another drive with a reasonable price , replace it . If not , use an external drive as a temporary measure until you can justify buying a new laptop .

Keyboard, touchpad and screen

Although you can replace the keyboard, touchpad , screen laptop , but you will be very difficult to find suitable options available in the aftermarket . Replacement parts can extend the life of laptop use , but it will not add any public utility . Replacing the hardware integration expensive , so be careful estimate before doing so - this case you buy a new laptop will be much more profitable .

Motherboard and processor

For desktops , you can be flexible and easy to replace the motherboard and processor , but laptops are not very rare and can replace both components with ease. Unless you are willing to do the upgrade as a hobby , regardless of cost and practicality . However, if you buy a new laptop would be easier and less costly .


Unlike desktop computers and more easily replaced parts , to upgrade the laptop is much more difficult . Laptop usually best used in the first two or three years , and then even if the new RAM memory , greater storage capacity or faster , or replacement of useful peripherals , you 'll still find the laptop its lagging outdated compared to the current laptop market .

Depending on your situation and your budget laptop that starts early upgrade and stick with it as long as it meets your needs . But once it starts to lag, buy a new laptop is totally simple and cheap way to keep up with the fast pace of technology .

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