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Laptop Wi-Fi connections can be cooked sperm

A new study warns, Wi-Fi laptops can be "cooked" sperm.

The new study , called " Fertility and Sterility " . Scientists have conducted experiments with a drop of semen of a healthy man when he is surfing the web with your laptop on the lap Statistics . As a result, after four hours , the sperm has to be cooked .

As reported by the scientists , the sperm is placed close to the electromagnetic radiation ( in the process of creating a Wi - Fi ) will die twice as fast compared to the semen is placed in the same position with temperature but not connected to Wi - Fi .

Scientists warned that the use of laptops and wireless Internet connection located near the male genitals can reduce the quality of their sperm .

Although there is no precise conclusion is that this is true for all laptops with Wi - Fi connection , or if this only happens only in some certain conditions , but this is definitely the gentleman should vigilance .

According to Dr. Robert Oates , chairman of Reproduction and Urology men on Reuter said : " This is not a biological fact but an artificial setting . Findings are interesting , but to me it does not related to human biology . "

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