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Firms reluctant laptop with ultra-thin laptop

Concerned slow consumption before and a bear market is the dominance of the MacBook Air, the only major laptop manufacturers to launch ultrabook of (their ultra-thin laptops using Intel's new) drop this year for exploration.

According to the Taiwanese website DigiTimes , all Acer , Asus , Lenovo and Toshiba will produce only about 50,000 ultrabook , even less than in the first round . " With this new category of devices , their approach is to wait - listening and observing ," says DigiTimes . For comparison , last May alone , the Asus shipped 100,000 Eee Pad Transformer tablets and added another 200,000 units in June .

Earlier in May , Intel announced plans to refresh the PC market slowed by an entirely new laptop category called Ultrabooks . Ultrabook is characterized by long battery life and ultra-thin frame ( 0.8 inch or less ) , along with the price less than $ 1,000 . Ultrabook is expected to match the performance and power of traditional laptops with tablet features such as ultra- fast boot . As expected , the first -generation ultrabook will launch this fall , and the more advanced model will turn landings in 2012/2013 .

About 6 months before Intel announced the Ultrabook concept , Apple has stirred the market with improved versions of the new MacBook Air , full convergence of the features that Intel envisions the ultrabook as solid storage drive , boot immediate , full-scale keyboard and at least one model is priced at less than $ 1,000 .

Apple did not disclose the sales to date of the Air , but observers believe that the Air is one of the best selling products in the hands MacBook Apples . Research firm NPD Group said the new version of Air and OS X Lion has helped Mac sales increased 26 % more than the same period last year . Concord Securities is also estimated Apple has sold over 1 million Macbook Air in particular the period from October to December 12/2010 .

Experts assess , Apple satisfying " smaller , lighter " of users without sacrificing processing speed as well as the sensitivity of the machine. If PC vendors can create similar products , use the Windows operating system and is priced lower than the Air , there is no reason that can not compete ultrabook .

But where the level of excitement to the manufacturer for ultrabook laptop is a mystery . While DigiTimes said the laptop shy and wary ultrabook , some other sources revealed to Asus will launch 7 different ultrabook models in October ( The company announced the UX21 and UX31 2 model ) . Acer recently launched Aspire S3 ultrabook line and hope the product S3 will "star " in the fourth quarter .

Meanwhile , samples of Lenovo 's first ultrabook IdeaPad U300s , 13.3 inches in size and is expected to reach between October release . 13.3- inch Portege Z830 ultrabook form of Toshiba will arrive later , around November .

However, despite the wishes of Intel 's ultrabook prices will hold less than $ 1,000 , only the Toshiba Z830 is to achieve this goal . Lenovo IdeaPad U300s will have a starting price of 1200 USD , while the Acer Aspire S3 in the range of 1100 to 1700 usd depending on the processor and the storage capacity .

Probably to encourage and motivate partners laptop , Intel recently announced a $ 300 million fund support for ultrabook . The fund will invest in the research group , the development of the ultrabook features such as touch , battery life , ultra-thin design and improve memory .

Although the first wave of ultrabook can be sparse and not very impressive , but analysts still expect the next tranche 2 , the 2nd round which will be revealed in the first half of 2012 with Ivy Bridge chip generation of Intel also landed the 3rd round in 2013 with Haswell chip - thinner than Ivy Bridge and consume less power .

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