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Thieves blackened laptop in the world

Just because a stolen laptop and deleted all the data on which the perpetrators must pay fines range up to nearly $ 10,000, the amount greater than the value of the laptop.

Between 4/ 2008 Michael Birkeland had a laptop stolen from a classroom of Utah Valley University ( the state of Utah , USA) . The stolen laptop belonging to Perry Stewart , a professor of art school.

Stewart mainly use this laptop for lectures , so the course material and his presentation will be stored on the machine .

2 days later , the computer was recovered from Birkeland , however the files and data on your computer Stewart had been erased . Birkeland admitted the offense and asked for forgiveness Stewart for his behavior .

Stewart then had to hire data recovery services to try to recover more than 27,000 files and data on your computer, this process requires more than 350 hours of waiting . In addition , you must recreate Steware than 100 lectures with PowerPoint files , as the files can not be restored . Stewart estimated that it takes about 6 hours to complete one PowerPoint file and total time to restore all the lost data is 950 hours.

Thieves laptop >> be " exposed " for Wall Applications
Based on the amount of time that Stewart should use to restore the data , Stewart had asked the court to force the state of Utah Birkeland financial compensation for themselves, in the amount of up to $ 47,500 ( equivalent to $ 50 1 hour data recovery ) .

However Birkeland has opposed the request , saying that his only misdemeanors, and the amount of compensation has exceeded $ 1,000 in compensation law . In addition , Birkeland said that with wage and their working position , the claim that the court is giving too high .

After hearing comments from the two sides , Utah courts have ruled against Birkeland , but requires only culprit compensation amount depends on the amount of time outside working hours that Stewart had to spend on recovery the data .

Accordingly , Birkeland was required to compensate 25 % of the salary that Stewart received within 1 hour of work, during which Stewart have 950 hours to restore user data . Reportedly, Stewart hourly paid work of 41 USD , so the total amount payable is $ 9,758 Birkeland .

Although Birkeland insisted his only accidentally deleted data that ruling and opposition , but Judge Carolyn McHugh and Stephen Roth believes that the deleted data on the laptop is the act of intentionally Birkeland to prepare for sold the laptop on the site such as eBay or Craigslist Ad .

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