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Typing hands to ... laptop charger

Australian scientists have successfully studied a method entirely new battery charger, allowing "extracted" by the energy created when we bent plug tapped on the keyboard to ... feed the laptop.

Using the piezoelectric effect , a new method of charging mechanisms operate similar lighters : create fire when lightning struck one hand on the wheel .

However, for the laptop , one would have to use a much thinner film , made ​​from piezoelectric materials and production required by nanotechnology . This layer is so thin that it can be wrapped many different electronic components such as food wrap film , and can be integrated into a variety of different devices .

Similarly, we can use piezoelectric materials in running shoes to charge mobile phones or even turn pressure into a power source for battery never runs , "the authors stated . A some other scientists are also studying ways to use electricity to charge the membrane pressed touchscreen devices to take advantage of the energy generated by the snap of your fingers , sweep , touch on the screen .

However, some scholars remain skeptical about the idea of ​​" battery never runs ." Anyhow, it also ignited hopes of an end to battery overheating error , Flammable today.

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