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Toshiba launches glasses-free 3D laptop in VN

On 3/8 recently, Toshiba has introduced in Vietnam, 2 laptops with configuration "framework" for its best players - F750 and X770.

Qosmio X770 is designed specifically for gamers . The machine is equipped with 17 inch Full HD screen and allows users to play 3D games with NVIDIA active glasses 3DvisionTM collapsed .

Toshiba said that the X770 can convert all 2D games from the 1990s into the 3D game with a special software company . Qosmio X770 will be sold in Vietnam from September for $ 48 million.

Qosmio F750 3D laptop is the world's first integrated 3D technology without glasses ( Glasses - free 3D ) with the ability to simultaneously display 3D and 2D content on one screen . Positioning function lets face F750 camera motion tracking of human face and used to locate the eyes , helping to create a wide viewing angle and completely eliminate blind spots in 3D mode .

While creating the impression of the ability to watch 3D without using glasses , but to feel the effects , viewers must sit from 40 - 100cm screen and within an angle of 40 degrees in front of a laptop .

In addition, the use of camera positioning face , should mean only a laptop user can perceive the 3D effect . If the 2nd face appeared in the range of facial recognition camera , 3D effects will not be supported for 2 people watching .

Just because the camera uses the face , so the image signal output from the laptop via HDMI big screen TV can not use the 3D effect without glasses .

Qosmio F750 3D will be officially sold in Vietnam from September to cost 42 million.

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