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Laptop thief exposed for webcam applications

Joshua Kaufman did not just look at the moment my laptop stolen later that day, he was also monitored by the crooks capture webcam images from Hidden applications.

The designer Joshua Kaufman lives in Oakland , United States , do not look " distressed " when losing a MacBook laptop because he had installed Hidden , the application can collect snapshots from webcam to send owner when the laptop is stolen . Thus , the identity thief Kaufman your computer .

Joshua Kaufman's MacBook and lost some precious jewelry on Monday 31/3 . Thankfully he had installed Hidden laptop from December last year . After losing his laptop had taken many photographs and crooks Google account . Kaufman has created a web site This Guy Has My Macbook on Tumblr to " expose " the adversary .

However, according to Kaufman , although he had informed the police about the stolen computer but he has yet to find the whereabouts of the thief .
Pictures of the thief was taken by Hidden Software :

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