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Windows 8 Laptop dull because it is expensive

The consumption of Windows 8 laptop can not "hot" like Microsoft and PC makers expect, a new report reveals. And one of the reasons is that users are addicted to cheap products

" Sales of Windows 8 laptop last Christmas season continue to impress . The launch of Windows 8 has not been a lot size of laptop sales in the holiday season as well as Windows fixable decline of the year, " the research firm NPD Group.

More specifically , according to NPD , the Windows laptop sales over Christmas 2012 was down 11 % compared to the same period in 2011 . The average price of a Windows laptop up about 2 USD to 420 USD , while the average selling price of $ 100 MacBook up to 1419 USD , and MacBook sales fell nearly 6 % .

Analysis of these data , NPD said that an important reason that the Windows computer is less attractive because of the nature of this operating system have changed over the glorious period of Windows 7 .

Specifically , Windows 7 is backed by a super-cheap netbook platforms . There has been a real time netbook users attracted by their attractive price .

However, the netbook has " poisoned " nature of Windows 7 . It makes the user no longer wants to pay more money for a Windows PC anymore . When to consider shopping a Windows PC value , the answer for many people is permanent " No " .

At present, even when the netbook has been officially declared the death consequences that leave the PC makers are still huge . Although the new Windows 8 laptop design with powerful configuration and more advanced than the netbook , but the user still does not accept the price a few hundred dollars more expensive of them .
This is so difficult that Microsoft and PC vendors need to overcome , if Windows 8 really want to restore the computer market in the near future . There is one factor that can change things , NPD pointed out . Currently, the demand for Windows 8 PC equipped with touch screen quite strong in the U.S. . Several models have been empty the product on store shelves .

Thus , if the supply of abundant touchscreen and Windows 8 laptop prices a little cheaper , sales will probably increase. And this is an advantage over Apple , which does not have products that touch screen MacBook .

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