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Surround sound super peak for laptop

For connoisseurs who preferred music or movies, the laptop is not the first choice by reductive sound system. But already there are exceptions when a laptop with super surround sound "peak" is forthcoming later this year.

For connoisseurs who preferred music or movies, the laptop is not the first choice by reductive sound system . But already there are exceptions when a laptop with super surround sound " peak " is forthcoming later this year .

With high mobility , low cost and increasing gradually pursue configuration desktop at the same price , laptops are increasingly popular on the market . Many laptop users for the purpose of entertainment media . However, the sound system of the majority of laptops today can hardly be satisfied by hearing music connoisseurs or those who favored HD movie . Why so?

The trade-off maneuver by the sound quality

Sounds are generally divided into high and low frequencies and are issued by various different speakers as speakers lip syncing ( high frequency generator ) , mids ( high frequency generator ) and woofer / subwoofer ( low frequency generator / super low ) . The criteria incorporate lightweight top, laptop speakers generally only lip syncing speakers ( treble ) and no center speaker ( midrange ) or woofer / subwoofer ( woofer / subwoofer ) .

With the mellow pop music , listening to ordinary people easily accept this kind of sound . However, if you hear a song played by a variety of instruments such as classical music , rock music or soprano in the opera musical , laptop speakers just can not express the depth of music .

Similarly, when playing high definition movies has invested heavily Blue - ray reader for laptop always wanted to get life-like sound in theaters , but not as well as the noise is not .

Although there have been many types of laptops released for entertainment purposes multimedia laptop speakers have not received appreciation from users . This situation may change after the new Dell ™ XPS ™ launched later this year .

The first exception

What Dell ™ XPS ™ can help identify changes in long-running laptop speakers ? It is thanks to the surround sound system peak of JBL ® speakers designed by and audio processing system of Waves MaxxAudio ® 3 .
The audio player everyone knows its reputation JBL ® . With 60 years of experience making speakers and other audio devices , JBL ® designed for Dell ™ XPS ™ surround sound system with a 12 - watt subwoofer , achieving peak power is 22W . The system should generate surplus power and clear sound , bringing exciting experience for multimedia entertainment .

Equipped with such good speakers , the new XPS ™ also been enhanced sound processing programs Waves MaxxAudio ® 3 . Waves is a company specializing in signal processing technology professional audio , certified by the biggest names in showbiz such as Linkin Park and Kanye West . The salient features of this program are :

- Volume , bass and sensitivity is enhanced compared to the original audio signal .

- 25 built-in audio configuration for all the music , with its own configuration for movies and games .

- Increasing the diffuse sound anywhere in the room is also an ideal spot .

- It is possible to customize voice volume words in the film .

- Suppress the sound difference between the tracks or between scenes . Users can watch a romantic or a monitor with the same volume action without adjusting anything.

- All functions can be adjusted by using a shortcut on the laptop .

With a sound system like that , Dell ™ XPS ™ will be an exception can be made ​​difficult audience to have a new look on the sound quality of the laptop .

Versatile Entertainment Laptop for

Not only the sound superior , Dell ™ XPS ™ is designed to meet the needs of entertainment for everyone .

In terms of image , NVIDIA ® graphics cards up to 2 GB is more than enough to provide smoother images for HD movies or games " hot " today.

Technology NVIDIA ® 3DTV Play ™ XPS allows connecting to 3D TVs bring the experience of 3D movie or game on the big screen right in the living room . Blu - ray disc players are also an option worth considering that Dell ™ offers the user .

Dell ™ XPS ™ laptops are also the first Skype ™ certified . HD Webcam for 720p resolution photos to help connect with family and friends on the occasion even more fun than last year . XPS ™ technology is also equipped with smart energy management NVIDIA ® Optimus ™ helps optimize battery life without compromising image quality .

In addition to processors up to Intel ® Core ™ i7 processor speed for both the sound and color of the XPS ™ is guaranteed in accordance with the user's wishes . Appearance of Dell ™ XPS ™ was designed modern and youthful can be a meaningful gift for loved ones this Christmas .

With a dedicated laptop for entertainment and sound " terrible " so, you are ready to turn the volume up to 11 Christmas carols yet?

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