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Laptop fight for market share

Laptop market shopping season is in the late stages of fierce competition. To attract more customers many retailers have launched promotions to attract customers.

"Look at each other that sell "

Price laptop is mitigated , in part due to the policies of its decline , but partly because of the discount retailers themselves . At the present time , consumers easily purchase a new laptop for less than 100 % to $ 500 .

According to many retailers laptop , laptop market in Vietnam fierce competition first 6 months of this year . Especially when the market in developed countries began saturation transfer from consumers to the product g laptop PCs such as the iPad ( Apple ) , Galaxy Tab ( ​​Samsung ) ...

The notebook company began redirecting to develop market share in developed countries , in which Vietnam is one of the abundant market potential . Vietnam market with more than 86 million computers in the rate of new household only about 7 % are creating a lot of opportunities for suppliers .

Currently on the market , emerging several large retailers such as laptops , Mobile World , Vien Thong A Complete Long ... In particular, the Mobile World emerged as the leading laptop retailer Vietnam accounted for 15 % of market genuine parts . The number of units sold laptop is constantly increasing . Mobile World said the number of laptops they sell repeatedly increased in the last months . 9/ 2011 Mobile World sold 10 thousand laptops and May 10/2011 the number of laptops sold more than 12 thousand units.

However, apart from the " extended" Retailers are gradually asserted its position , many retailers both small and grow as much as mushrooms . Therefore, retailers must compete closely on price and after-sales customer programs .

Many places are forced to build the lowest possible profit , even model retailer sales to accept peace or loss to attract customers. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Commerce - Business Manager laptop ( JSC Mobile World ) : " We accept reduced profits in order to attract customers. Currently our company is the " Great party laptop " , this is also an important promotion for us and for the competition in favor of the customer. With this program we have cut 50% of profits to provide incentives for customers to buy a laptop . "

The race " technology sales "

The company owns retail stores such as power consumption , Mobile World , Hoang Long , Nguyen Kim , Vien Thong A ... are competing to take the customer's favor . Retailers are trying to find new sales forms , customer reach optimal to compete by little .

Mobile World is pushing online sales channel for all the product lines of all the brands available in the genuine Vietnam . This is the modern form of sales and save time and money for clients . With a laptop purchase products online at thegioididong.com website , customers can save up to 500 thousand from 100 thousand . Along with it , Mobile World still promote direct sales channel in the chain of nearly 200 stores nationwide , which is the strength of this retailer .

Some other retailers laptop ... willing to spend money to have a large staff of customer service , and value of sales of the product warranty , offer a coupon ...

Many experts predicted that the growth of the PC market is about 30 % / year over the coming years . If this speed is achieved in mid-2013 the market will consume more than 1 million laptop with more than 2 million desktops . This is an opportunity and challenge for the top retailers Vietnam as Mobile World foothold retailers and rising young show bravery .

Promotions " Great party laptop "
Laptop Banquet held from 1/12/2011 to 31/01/2012 at Thegioididong.com or Dienmay.com system nationwide . Gala dinner with 4 laptop deals extremely attractive : Buying a new laptop , old laptop exchange subsidies from 500 thousand to 5 million, the price effect 7.999.000d laptop with label

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