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Laptop equipped with super first revealed Haswell chip

A "monster" high-end gaming laptop from Germany will be one of the first devices in the world equipped with the new chip generation Intel Haswell.

Although the design of the new Intel Haswell has not been officially announced , a complete picture of the finished product equipped with this chip has been DevilTech , a German brand introduces PC .

Haswell is the 4th generation of Intel Core chips , with strength , outstanding performance , but the ability to save energy up to 75 % higher than the previous chip generations , site Heise Online says . The high-end gaming laptop DevilTech will use quad-core Core i7 chip as 4800MQ and 4900MQ to provide configuration and power "crisis " for gamers .

Currently, some online retailers have also started receiving pre-orders Haswell chip , but the price has not been announced specific .

If you schedule regular follow-up release of Intel's new products may be found , often the company will launch quad-core mobile chips first, then to the more conventional laptop chips and finally the variables be optimized for battery saving .

If nothing changes , Haswell chip architecture will be officially released in June next . Compared generation Ivy Bridge chip third GPU Haswell also much faster and more powerful CPUs .

In the past , Intel has also announced that the Haswell chip system ( SoC ) its first mass , because it integrates almost all key processing functions of a computer on the single chip .

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