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Beware when buying laptop installment

Installment laptop is a method for users to purchase the laptop shop immediately without having to wait a long time to accumulate enough funds. However, the difference of the purchase price installment laptop directly to the shop doing many buyers think twice, though many programs for installment buying pattern is occurring at attractive interest rates at 0% .

Segment for consumers deferred

Not being able to accumulate large amounts of money to shop at the laptop for work or study , so many customers have chosen to buy forms for quick repayment product owner . Foreseeing this mentality , many laptops have retail units associated with the financial institutions and banks to create a bridge to help consumers easily borrow large sums on shopping for laptops .

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The laptop has a repayment rate will be greater than the total value of the purchase price from 5-8 million , and with 0 % interest rate , the higher the price it will be up from 1.5-2 million .
This is essentially a sales model support next purchase forms directly to consumers generally have more options . So rare entity that merely provides installment purchase form which does business under the " cash nexus " normal .

To sell laptops in the form of installment payments , the majority of all business units to create a reputation with both consumers and mortgage lending unit . Because the form of installment payments , the store is not the unit stand out to customers that the buyer must borrow money through a bank or any financial institutions . Obviously , paying the installments and the interest rate of customers will also liaise directly with the bank .

With the trends of today's market , the installment purchase form is very much consumer interest and participation . According to Nguyen Canh Hien , Sales Computer Technology , an average of about 30-40 % of customers are now choosing to buy laptop installment form .

Additionally , with strong growth in the past two years , buy laptop models installment has now expanded so much for shopping objects that are no longer limited. In the past, only buyers in big cities such as HCMC , Hanoi or nearby places like Dong Nai , Long An , the participants can present a number of provinces has been extended to a considerable including : Bien Hoa , Vung Tau , Long An , Tay Ninh , Ben Tre , Binh Duong , Binh Phuoc , Tien Giang , Dong Nai , Vinh Long , Tra Vinh , Dong Thap , Can Tho , Ba Ria - Vung Tau ... In Hanoi many companies also accept household buyers across the country , just living and working in Hanoi , there are temporary address can join installment buy computer .

Strong competition

With a potential segment as on the competition between the providers of this form is also quite strong . Among them , the most competitive interest rates depending on the source .

The form of 0% interest rate support is always much reseller hype to boost consumer demand . According to Reporters survey of e - chip average minimum each agent are given from 3-5 to support product 0 % interest , while the majority of the samples was calculated with interest rates ranging from 1 , 5 to 3.5 % / month .

Agents prestigious names in the market and are always looking for themselves the attractive interest rate with the support from the banks . A particular agent will agree on the amount of copper in the bank each month for assistance to obtain competitive interest rates than the competition .

The agents also compete for processing time records , minimal paperwork requirements ... to attract buyers . Complete the profile and received the machine within 30 minutes or even 10 minutes where the ad , while the other units through multiple steps to verify cumbersome . Some companies in Hanoi also allow customers to sample , select and form of repayment period , download application forms online through web pages , photo papers ... no need notarization , all records just sent over email , confirm the email purchase , then the buyer can take the machine to the company , or may request delivery .

In addition, these agents also have low interest strategy for new product launches model to attract customers. Specifically, the Core i3 or i5 laptop is quite attractive in direct sale model also offers 0 % interest pretty exciting installment in buy mode .

Clear policies , high interest rates

When installment laptop model has appeared , only one or two banks participating partners . By following this approach , banks must support consumers as unsecured loans . The binding properties are not available, the risks are quite high so boldly at participating banks .

Currently , consumers can easily choose for himself a bank in accordance with its conditions for participation . On average, each business unit installment laptop usually associated with about 4-5 different financial institutions to assist customers .

Each bank has policies on interest rates and loan terms vary. It only requires the banks to provide loans or KT3 household registration without proof of monthly income . Or the bank also has pretty good support for students who do not have the guarantee card and only offer loans to students under 10 million ...

However, it is easy to see the model installments laptop is more difficult lending conditions , the interest rate at which banks will definitely lower. With the current market , the Prudential dominate the low interest rates to 1.5 % / month , but the opposite is limited to borrowers : students must be guaranteed the right to make income on the 2 , 5 million / month and is limited to residential buyers or KT3 in Ho Chi Minh City area . Meanwhile , the financial group ACS , PPF , SG VietFinance quite clear in the lending : the object support in many provinces , without proof of household income or if a student HCM City , Ha internal ... but the interest rate can go up to 2.5 to 3.5 % / month .

Although buyers can also direct bank loan with interest rate of only 0.5 - 0,7% to buy a laptop , but with this option, collateral conditions will limit the size of many participants this picture above .

Select a new model and compare prices directly

Obviously , when buying a laptop has accepted the model installments buyers have suffered a much higher price than buying direct , but in exchange for immediate possession product is a benefit not omitted . So , when choosing to buy laptop installment consumers should carefully compare interest rates as well as the price of buying the models between the different stores . Because in order to compete , many of which also use the product line was launched long before the pressure is lowered to lower interest rates to customers . Thus , the stage of comparing the list price of the product is important so that buyers can weigh in choosing purchasing agent for more benefits .

In fact there are many shops on the high prices of products then advertise low rates to attract buyers . According to a survey of journalists , the laptop model is advertised at 0 % interest installments are priced higher than the market average of 1.5 to 2.5 million and short repayment period , from 6-9 months .

The model sold with interest rates generally have higher rates of other places direct sale , plus repayment period extended to 24 or 36 months , the total amount customers pay for the laptop can be spread over with direct price 5-8 million. Therefore , consumers should carefully weigh the benefits before you put pen to paper . Ideally buyers should look to the big dealers , reputed to buy laptop installment . Because this place will have a lot of interest support , partner banks as well as richer model for option purchased .

Most of the support series for installment purchase program are configured and designs suitable for office use and application of ordinary students , students and office workers . However, it is impossible not to mention the limitations of shopping laptop installment product design is not rich by buying direct .

In addition, the laptop in the form of external sources , exclusive products , such as gourmet Macbook , Fujitsu , IBM ... almost nowhere installment purchase support . Quality warranty and the laptop installment buy at reputable stores are no different than buying direct products . So consumers can buy peace of mind when choosing this model if required .

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