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HP laptop market has great potential VN

Laptop market Vietnam is growing rapidly and is expected to maintain 15-20% growth rate in the years to come, despite the difficult context of the domestic economy as well as global ", HP Vietnam said.

Share with reporters on the sidelines of the launch event of the HP product series in Hanoi this afternoon ( 19/4 ) , Mr. Trinh Thanh Lam , General Manager HP Personal Computer group Vietnam confirmed with population over 86 million people and 22 million of them in the students - students , Vietnam market promises a lot of potential and business opportunities for technology businesses . In contrast to the increasing trend of the majority of items on the market , laptop repeatedly crisis discounts or promotions to attract customers . Consequently, more and more people with average income or less have the opportunity to touch the computer for the first time , while customers with good income and be more motivated to change it for a new one.

Mr. Trinh Thanh Lam ( left ) introduces new technology from HP .

Before VietNamNet reporter's question about the many other technology companies have a pessimistic view of the market in 2011 , Mr. Lam is confident , HP remained very bright prospects for the business of firms this year . According to Lam , business prospects do not depend on economic conditions , but more importantly, businesses can launch the product optimization technology cost alternative to the " appropriate " for the winter Vietnam user . "The demand is obviously huge market potential is clear . Problem is the core business can launch the product that the user needs , the user can access it or not ."

According to the statistics of IDC fourth quarter of 2010 , HP currently makes up 12.6 % of the market desktop and notebook computers as well as in Vietnam and is now the largest market share . Mr Lam said HP continues to evaluate Vietnam as a key market in Asia and will continue to bring its latest product in Vietnam coincided with the publication in America . In addition, HP will also improve competitiveness by focusing on building distribution channels and after-sales service , as this is one of the key stages in order to attract customers.

" If you only rely on technology , it will not make a difference , because sooner or later , other companies will catch up with this configuration or other features . The after-sales service and business experience that bring to customers , the new me is the biggest difference , "Mr Lam said.

" Unveiled " on the upcoming HP products , he said Lam first tablet from HP will be distributed in Asia in January 9/2011 . Also, in the future , HP will launch many smartphone , tablet and laptop use its WebOS operating system to create an interconnected ecosystem , highly synchronized between devices .

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