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Pixel Laptop Chromebook launch, price 1299 USD

Google has launched the Chromebook Pixel, laptops are considered "new evolution" of Chrome OS, the most advanced HD screen for laptop now, multi-finger touch support, but price also outperformed with other Chromebook.

Specifically , Pixel Chromebook equipped with 2560 x 1700p screen , similar to the density of 239 pixels / inch on a 12.85 inch wide screen . 3:2 ratio screen is Google confirmed that " the optimal design for web surfing " and the screen is coated with a layer of Gorilla Glass scratch resistant glass 0,55 mm , maximum -touch support . It has two versions for users to choose from: Wi - Fi only and 4G/LTE .

In addition to the screen , Pixel Chromebook also owns a glass touchpad , backlit keyboard and integrated 720p HD camera . The unit weighs 1.52 kg and 16.2 mm thick , surrounded mostly by sure alumnium metal . On the internal configuration , you 'll get 4GB of DDR3 RAM , Intel Core i5 dual-core processor clocked at 1.8GHz and Intel HD graphics 4000 Graphics . To connect , you have USB 2.0 ports , mini display output , card reader SD / MMC . It uses a 32GB SSD drive , but if you choose the LTE model , the SSD capacity will be increased to double the 64GB .

For each product , the user will get 1TB of free storage in the cloud Google Cloud in 3 years . However, the machine's starting price in the U.S. is 1299 USD , higher than the previous Chromebook line . 4G LTE version will cost up to 1449 USD and there are only since April , while the Wi - Fi version will start shipping from next week .

The question is why Google to launch Chromebook Pixel at this point ?

According to Slashgear , the advent of Windows 8 has made ​​the planet touch screen becomes crowded , and Google Chrome do not want to be isolated from that planet . But in fact , the Internet is not ready for induction . Web network is developed , and will continue to develop in the direction of the main work . Of course , there is entertainment , but entertainment is a user-friendly interface to work . Chrome expected to change the way people use the Internet by creating a home screen with icons large enough mass to the fingers can touch easily.

With Pixel Chromebook , Google has overcome his own self : Chrome not prove it is an operating system fully ready to take place in the computing world , but the price of 1299 USD for this high profile real attractive .

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