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Choose laptop - good configuration, as to the price or

Users today do not fret too much to choose between PC or laptop. But to choose a laptop battery-less, the better medium, high configuration, stable prices beginning to hurt many people.

CPU : core element - the infinite value

Today, there are too many choices for the main processor of a laptop from the Celeron , Pentium and Core i generation 1 to generation 2 Intel or AMD . Depending on the desires and needs technology that people use to decide to keep the machines using Pentium chip or chipset line change to the new generation of higher performance . Most popular is the Intel Core i3 , Core i5 allowed to do multiple tasks at the same time more in a shorter period of time because of Intel technology hyber - threading help each of the processor can solve the the two tasks .

TimelineX Aspire 4820 - 352G50Mn Core i3 chips are highly configurable and powerful than the ULV chips launched earlier . With 2 * 2.53GHz , 3M Smart Cache , 32nm , 35W , RAM : 2GB DDR3 certainly make this machine fast enough and powerful applications throughout your day. Even when I run Google Chrome OS operating system , Microsoft Word 2007 , Tweetdeck and Trillian , the machine has not slowed even further we also operate the DVD drive simultaneously . With a reasonable price of about 11.49 million , this would be the perfect result .

When you use more GPU ATI Radeon card , the image quality obtained when streamed on Youtube HD video clips would be great . Judging from www.engadget.com for the TimelineX :

PCMark Vantage


Battery Life

Acer TimelineX 4820T ( Intel Core i3 - 350M )




Dell Vostro V13 ( Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 )




Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13 ( Core 2 Duo SU7300 )

N / A



ASUS U30Jc ( Core i3 - 350M , NVIDIA )




Designs : Beauty or efficiency ?

Once used laptops , which means that almost 8 12/24h a day you will have to attach themselves to a machine that , like wearing a suit in this one day . Design notebook is slim and sturdy , colorful or staid , square edges or bent, and the companions all have similarities with the user . Moreover, the design and styling of them also contribute to efficiency for users .

Improved design with scratch-resistant aluminum shell black or gray , the board edges are thin, from 0.9 to 1.1 inches , weighing from 1.9 to 2.2 kg were allowed to stand under the TimelineX 4820 ranks of the laptop " thin & light " - the computer help people fret not moving . 14 inch screen , but still have full rewrite disc drive , it's even thinner and lighter than a laptop and 13 inch Asus U30Jc ThinkPadEdge 13 .

Keyboard: 99% of interactions every day !

We already have the primer with the keyboad left , floating type keyboard filter poles and hands raised to always have one table or leaning slope behind that hand and wrist if not more on the manipulation PC will hurt all day . But this day , the keyboard of the laptop almost becomes perfect , quieter typing keyboard , spacing and design standards only in their keys from 3mm , with the laying on of hands without being encumbered with key caplock or touchpad . Not to mention that nowadays people get used to the virtual keyboard on the high-end tablet .

The highlight at Aspire TimelineX 4820 is multi-point touchpad allows users to easily manipulate with texts , images , web surfing with just two fingers you can drag and drop , zoom in , zoom out , such as when using use touch screen phone .

System support : HP is no difference ?

If you look around a bit , we found that often the machine as slim laptop , the port number to connect peripheral devices to thin . The USB port is only 1 to 2 , the optical drive is also excluded . There is no reason that we chose a device when the connection demands and interaction between devices on a lot today.

USB ports should be at least 2 ( AS 4820 is a 4-port USB 3.0 ) , average memory card reader can read memory cards 5 ( AS 4820 can read 6 memory cards ) , in addition to the ports VGA , Internet , Lock, HDMI , power port , headphone jack , ... there are some machines FireWire port is useful for "some " camera or digital camcorder .

Sound system and audio processing technology is also a key factor that helps users make decisions to purchase laptops . Generation Dolby Theatre in 4820 TimelineX themselves automatically adjust the sound , especially when sensitive and vivid sound processing in 3D video .

From now until the end of the day 15/5/2011 , just 9,990,000 dong is perfectly possible ownership Acer Aspire Timeline 4820 - 382G50Mn Core i3 chips , 500GB hard drive . This price applies in the official system of Acer Dealer Vietnam nationwide . Dealers List price TimelineX 4820 - 382G50Mn acervietnam.com.vn see special price .

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