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5 trends tablet / laptop overwhelming CES 2013

Laptops, tablets are rarely the most prominent items at CES, except for last year was a unique case because ultrabook craze. At this year's exhibition, the number of laptop, desktop and launch new tablet is not much, however, they are still enough to "draw" to 5 major trends expected to dominate the PC market in 2013.

1 . Ultrabook everywhere

Although many people skeptical about Intel's ability to succeed in the ultrabook universal , one can still easily see the mark of the deck ultra thin, ultra-light in every corner of the CES . This year , the company showcased ultrabook PC in many different price range , allowing users more accessible to the ultrabook . Some products , though not officially named but is ultrabook configuration , features still " thick " ultrabook , which HP Sleekbook is an example .

2 . Become mandatory induction

First , the absence laptop touch screen was immediately criticized backward , not updated and omissions . One of these cases is typical ultrabook form of the Dell XPS 13 upgrade , which only added that 1080p screen touchscreen forgotten . Many users said that using Windows 8 on a laptop touchpad and mouse only deprives them actually made ​​. PC makers such as Samsung and Toshiba Dell proved wiser as to improve existing product lines using the touch screen , but the price is almost the same.

3 . Intel to lead the revolution in laptop

Generation Intel Core i -series 4th generation , codenamed Haswell is a very important part of the company's product roadmap from now until the end of 2014 . Besides the monumental statement of longer battery life , Haswell also sets new requirements for future ultrabook eye-catching design , touch screen .

4 . Hybrid Tablet PC everywhere

From the small size of Razer gaming tablet Edge and Surface Pro crisis to the size of the desktop / tablet all- in - one type of Lenovo ThinkPad Horizon , the PC mix design of the tablet is portable throne . The maker showed this idea has a lot of practical applications and can help PC quickly regain its leading role in the family . In fact, this trend can actually break the boundaries around your desktop , laptop and tablet .

5 . Android Tablet forward to Mobile World Congress

To say that the Android tablet at CES 2013 too faint , then e is quite the shoot , because most companies have decided you " top line " of their end February , when the big event in Barcelona opening screen .

Want to witness the Android product is really powerful , can push down the iPad in the future , we may have to wait at least another month .

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