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Be Shut Down, Sleep or Hibernate my laptop?

The computer has 3 modes Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut Down. Sleep allows you to quickly use the computer again. Hibernate like but Shut Down, but you can keep the previous state. Each way has advantages and disadvantages different.

Distinguish Shut Down , Sleep and Hibernate

Shut Down : shutdown mode is quite familiar to most users . When you choose Shut Down the computer , all the open programs and the operating system will be closed . A computer will not Shut Down after consuming more power . However, if you want to use the computer again , you will have to turn on the computer , wait for the system to boot , waiting for system operation and restart the program .

Sleep : also known as Standby mode . In Sleep mode , the computer is put into a state of low power consumption . Power is only used to maintain memory , the rest of the computer is turned off and will not use electricity. When you turn on the computer from Sleep mode , the system will restart quickly in just a few seconds . You can quickly return to work without waiting for the system to restart from the beginning . However, this mode will consume more power than the Shut Down or Hibernate .

Hibernate : Your computer will save the data to a file on your hard drive . When you restart the computer from Hibernate mode , your data quickly from the hard drive and loaded into RAM . Thus, this allows you to hold off on the state , including all open programs and data . In this mode , the computer will take more time to boot from Sleep mode , but more power-saving Sleep Hibernate .

If your laptop is in Sleep Mode when the battery is running low , the machine will automatically switch to Hibernate mode to save power .

When using Shut Down , Sleep , and Hibernate ?

Every person has the habit of using your own computer . Some people always use the Shut Down mode and very few take advantage of the convenience of Sleep and Hibernate modes .

Sleep : Sleep is especially useful when you need to leave the computer for a short time . You can set the machine in Sleep mode to save power and battery life. After you come back, you can continue to work quickly .

Hibernate : Hibernate mode saves more power than Sleep . If you do not have to use your computer or even sleep at night , you should use this mode . However, Hibernate makes your computer slow to start over .

Shut Down : most computers will boot up faster from Hibernate from the Shut Down , so many computer users are often placed in Hibernate mode instead of Shut Down machine . However, sometimes the program is not a normal operation when starting from Hibernate mode , you will need to shut down at this time .

Exact amount of power used by the Sleep and Hibernate will depend on your computer , though Sleep mode uses more power than Hibernate mode . Some people may choose to use Sleep instead of Hibernate for their computers to boot faster .

Hibernate is especially useful for saving battery when the laptop is not plugged . If you want to put your laptop away and do not want to waste battery power , you will to Hibernate instead of Sleep .

And your choice

When you pick up the commonly used mode , you can set the mode when you press the power button when your PC or laptop screen folded back . To do this , press the Windows key , type in the Power Buttons and press Enter. You will see a window of Control Panel to customize .

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