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Laptop Windows 8 will touch under 10 million common

Windows 8 will not only target high-end ultrabook and tablet that even ordinary users can also own a Windows 8 laptop with touch screen fashion.

In fact , the screen " touch " will become a dominant trend in the computer market in the near future , as users increasingly preferred form of interaction and input visually , this natural .

Immediately after the Windows 8 announcement in late October , the Vietnam market has received approximately 40 acres of early Windows 8 devices with all the big brands such as Lenovo , HP , Dell , Samsung , Sony , Acer , Asus .. .. Besides the high-end ultrabook lines , the company also launched many laptop designs with softer prices , fluctuating at around 15 million. In particular , Taiwan's Asus also introduced a Windows 8 laptop equipped with touch screen for a " universal " : under 10 million.
Asus laptop equipped with Windows 8 and touch screen for under 10 million. Photo: Nam Phuong
Also shared at the press conference , Mr. Mai Sean Cang , Intel Vietnam General Director is disclosed Intel is working with 2-3 other hardware vendors can continue to launch more products with relatively affordable prices self . He Cang hope during the Christmas season last year and before the Lunar New Year , the market will pick up some more this laptop to meet demand from users .

Not only proves touchscreen can " ordinary goods " that even the concept of the cloud (cloud ) Windows 8 also been turned into a consumer item , VN Microsoft representative confirmed . Although many users Vietnam still new to this term , but they will soon become familiar and exploit the advantages of the cloud after using Windows 8 .

Before the question of whether the PC is not equipped with touch screens have " suffered " when installing Windows 8 or not , Microsoft representative confirmed VN using the traditional mouse and keyboard on Windows 8 computers even easier compared to Windows 7 , though the final experience could not of course be Vietnamese as the best touch screen .

Besides , Microsoft Surface tablet VN also confirmed by Microsoft itself is producing no plans sold in Vietnam . This is the only tablet on the counter online sales of Microsoft and in Microsoft stores in the U.S. .

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