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Plug the charger when the battery is full laptop is not harmful?

Many people wonder how to use the battery of the best, as if kept plugged in when the battery is fully affect the battery life is not?

The answer here is that you can rest assured that it will not cause any harm to the battery as well as the entire system .

Manufacturer's guidelines

The laptop manufacturers always provide sufficient information on how to charge the battery in the instruction manual supplied with your camera , or on their website . In particular , manufacturers will be clearly noted on the charger plugged in so long time is enough . Some major manufacturers such as Dell , HP , Acer should encourage regular users to plug your laptop charger in the state . If you can not find any information about the time plugged in the manual , you can contact support directly by the manufacturer to be able to know exactly .

The design of the battery

Depending on the design will determine the maximum capacity of the battery as well as performance . Most current laptop batteries are rechargeable function automatically disconnect when the battery is full , so it will not plug the charger to the battery negative impact or machine .


The underside of the laptop is usually quite hot after a few hours of use . This sometimes leads to a misunderstanding that the charger plug made ​​of the temperature heats up . However, the heat radiating from the underside of the laptop 's internal components and you can use the fan to fix this . The charger plugs usually do not affect the temperature of the machine .

Bottle battery

Chai is a battery that can not be avoided when using your laptop whether " farming " techniques that charging time no matter what . To reduce the battery bottles , you can apply the following way : remove the battery when using only electricity from the charger and unplug the machine when not in use .

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