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Windows 8 Laptop discounts from 10-20%

With Microsoft discounts Windows 8 licensing fees for its PC counterparts, the selling price of the laptop touch screen Windows 8 in the future will be significantly cheaper.

Page DigiTimes said , there are users who do not hesitate to buy Windows 8 touch laptop because of cost , Microsoft will create incentives for their purchase decisions . The discount Windows 8 being considered stimulus efforts of the software giant , the Windows 8 welcome that the market is not exciting as expected .

The discounts can range from 10 % to a maximum of 20 % , also means a touch screen laptop configuration Windows 8 will now cost on average from 1.5 to 3 million , while the Windows ultrabook 8 for the price of 20 million will be available from 2.5-5 million.

DigiTimes sources also revealed, touchscreen laptop is only about 10 % of the Windows 8 PC sales market due to relatively high prices , but with incentives from Microsoft , this figure may jumped to double to 20 % .

Earlier yesterday both DigiTimes and Wall Street Journal have reported that Microsoft will lower the licensing fees for its Windows 8 computers in the next few months . Immediately , experts predict that IDC wave and tablet hybrid device between tablet with Windows 8 laptop second racing cheaper .

In fact , analysts have said that the price reduction is an essential step in and need for Microsoft , because Windows 8 products are sold on the market is not running . After discounts , the average price for a new touch screen laptop will fall into the mid-range $ 500 , equivalent to 10.5 million USD .

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